Guide to Changing Colors in Corner to Corner (C2C) + Free Heart Dishcloth Pattern!

Feb 6, 2019 | Crochet patterns, Tutorials

Learn how to change colors in C2C corner to corner crochet with this complete guide. Everything you need to know to work color Corner to Corner color graphgans!

Guide to Changing Colors in Corner to Corner (C2C)

If you have never worked the Corner to Corner (C2C) technique head on over to my Basic Corner to Corner (C2C) photo and video tutorial.

C2C Corner to Corner Crochet Photo and Video Tutorial

The tutorial provided here is intended to build upon your basic C2C knowledge and help you work color changes and follow a graph.

I will show you two different techniques in color changes. I use both in different situations but primarily tend to use technique 2. Use the technique that works best for you — either one works well depending upon the situation.

How to Change Colors in C2C (Corner to Corner) Photo Tutorial

Technique 1:

Guide to Color Changes in Corner to Corner (C2C) photo and video tutorial

Technique 2:

Guide to Corner to Corner (C2C) crochet technique Photo and Video Tutorial

Tools I recommend shown in video:

Clover Plastic yarn bobbins

Another great option to use as yarn bobbins are these utility clips as they will clip onto your work as you go and at 2″ size are smaller than the snack clip shown in the video:

2″ Utility Clips

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Heart C2C Dishcloth free crochet pattern
Heart C2C Dishcloth

Heart C2C Dishcloth Pattern


Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton Overcast colorway (g)

Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton Hot Pink colorway Hot Pink (p)

Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton White colorway (w)

Crochet Hook Size H (5.0 mm)

Yarn Bobbins


g = grey
p = pink
w = white
WS = wrong side
RS = right side
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
hdc = half double crochet

Approximate finished size: 10 1/2″ wide x 9 1/2″ tall

Written row by row instructions:

Row 1 (WS): 1g
Row 2: 2g
Row 3: 3g
Row 4: 4g
Row 5: 5g
Row 6: 6g
Row 7: 7g
Row 8: 1g, 6w, 1g
Row 9: 2g, 5p, 1w, 1g
Row 10: 1g, 1w, 5p, 1w, 2g
Row 11: 3g, 6p, 2g
Row 12: 2g, 1w, 5p, 1w, 3g
Row 13: 4g, 6p, 2g
Row 14: 1g, 1w, 5p, 1w, 3g
Row 15: 3g, 3p, 3w, 1g
Row 16: 3g, 3p, 1w, 2g
Row 17: 2g, 3p, 1w, 2g
Row 18: 2g, 3p, 1w, 1g
Row 19: 1g, 1w, 2p, 1w, 1g
Row 20: 1g, 3w, 1g
Row 21: 4g
Row 22: 3g
Row 23: 2g
Row 24: 1g


Row 1:  With RS facing, attach g to any corner, ch 1, sc evenly around outside edge of scarf, placing 3 sc stitches in each corner, sl st to top of first st.

Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Guide to Corner to Corner (C2C) color changes Photo and Video Tutorial
Heart C2C Dishcloth graph
Corner to Corner (C2C) Basics:  How to Change Colors Photo & Video Tutorial
Learn how to change colors in C2C corner to corner tutorial
Learn how to change colors in C2C


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