Corner to Corner (C2C) Basics: 5 Tips to Carrying Yarn Colors Photo & Video Tutorial

Feb 12, 2019 | Tutorials

Learn how to carry yarn colors with the next tutorial in my Corner to Corner (C2C) Basics Tutorial series – how to carry yarn colors! This photo and video tutorial will help you master carrying yarn colors in Corner to Corner.

C2C Basics Tips and Tricks on Carrying Colors in Corner to Corner (C2C) crochet

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The following tips will help you keep your ends to weave in to a minimum as well as make sure your yarn carries are as invisible as possible.

1 – Only carry yarn if it is touching a pixel block of the same color

C2C Basics Tips and Tricks on Carrying Colors in Corner to Corner (C2C) crochet

The most important tip I can provide is that you only want to carry a yarn color if the color you are carrying will be touching a block of the same color. If it isn’t going to be running along a block of the same color — do not carry it! Drop and bring it in new. It ends up being a few more ends to weave in but it is worth it as your finished item will be much more professional.

2 – Keep yarn carries to maximum of 2-3 pixel blocks

You can carry yarn over a few blocks but I don’t recommend carrying over more than 2 or 3 blocks as long yarn carries have a tendency of causing your work to pucker and bunch.

3 – Ensure you have enough slack in yarn to carry over distance required

C2C Basics:  How to carry colors in corner to corner crochet
When carrying colors back, be sure to leave enough slack in the yarn for the entire carry.

You will get more of a feel for this over time and with practice. Good rule of thumb — run yarn over blocks you will need to carry over after pulling yarn through on your slip stitch.

4 – Carry Yarn either Forward or Backward

You can carry yarn in either direction — forward or backward. Carrying yarn back is a little more tricky so pay close attention to how much slack you have in your yarn to work over.

5 – Don’t weave in your ends too soon

If you hate leaving your ends until the end of your project, weave in as you go. However, don’t weave in too soon! If you weave in everything right away you may find that you made a mistake a row or so back and that will make it difficult to rip out your work. It may also cause some puckering of your work as well.

When weaving in ends, bring all of your ends to the wrong side of your work before weaving in.

These techniques for yarn carries and color changes become easier with practice. However, you can certainly just cut and bring in a color when you need it instead of carrying yarn. However, this may leave you with a lot more ends to weave in at the end of the project. Do what is easier for you!

Here is the video tutorial to watch these tips in practice:

Learn how to Carry Colors in C2C photo video tutorial


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