How to add Border in C2C (corner to corner) Tutorial

Jun 16, 2020 | Tutorials

Learn how to add a border in c2c tutorial (corner to corner) crochet projects with this complete tutorial!

I love c2c projects and have several designs already available on the blog as well as beginning c2c tutorials to help you master this fun crochet technique. I will be releasing a couple of advanced c2c tutorials over the next days to help you with adding a border as well as how to sew c2c panels together.

Adding a border in c2c will be similar to adding a border to any crochet project – start out with a base of single crochet. If you use the same color yarn as the main body of your project this will help clean up your edge and it will also help hide any slight imperfections your project may have. Once you have your base of sc stitches you can either sew your c2c panels together or add any additional border you may wish.

The trick is to not have too many (or too few) stitches around the edge. If you have too many sc stitches your project will end up wavy, if you have too few your stitches will pull your project together and bunch it. The key is getting just the right amount to ensure your project looks professional.

You can find the complete video tutorial below.

In the sample below you can see how clean the border looks after the addition of the single crochet stitches compared to the edges without in a c2c piece. What a difference!

Add Border in C2C corner to corner tutorial

How to add a border in C2C Tutorial

The number of sc stitches you will be working along your border edge will be dependent upon whether you are working a c2c project in hdc (half double) or dc (double crochet). My rule of thumb when working sc stitches along a dc c2c project is to work 3 sc stitches along a long pixel block and alternate 2-3 over a short pixel block. When I refer to a pixel block I am referring to 1 “set” or “block” of 3 dc stitches from your graph. A long pixel block is a block in which you are working into the bottom or top of the dc pixel block and a short pixel block is when you are working along the side of a dc stitch or a ch 3. An edge in c2c alternates long and short pixel blocks along the edge. See example below:

Add Border in C2C corner to corner tutorial

If you were working with a hdc or mini c2c block, you would work 3 sc stitches over a long block and 2 sc stitches over a short block all along the edge.

You will also want to space your stitches evenly throughout. Your long blocks will have a sc stitch at the top or the bottom of each dc stitch and your short blocks will have 2-3 sc stitches worked along a ch 3 or along a dc st. You can work your stitches between 2 blocks, into the ch spaces of a ch 3 or along an edge of dc as evenly as possible – without splitting your yarn.

I highly recommend laying your project down periodically to make sure it lies flat without any waviness or puckering and that your stitches look even along your project as well. This is especially helpful if you are working on a large blanket project – you will ensure your happiness with the final product well before you reach the end of your edge! Taking those few extra minutes every 10 blocks or so will prevent the possibility of ripping out a row of border at the end.

There is no need to work any additional stitches in each corner of your project. I do recommend working 3 stitches along both the short and long edges of the pixel block in the corner when working a dc project and 3 stitches in the long & 2 in the short when working a hdc (mini) c2c project.

Once you have worked your single crochet stitches evenly around the outside edge, you will slip stitch to the first stitch made. Now you are ready to fasten off to prepare for sewing the c2c panels together or you can continue working additional rows of border as desired.

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