Red Truck Pumpkin Harvest C2C Pillow Free Crochet Pattern

Sep 13, 2019 | Crochet patterns

The Red Truck Pumpkin Harvest Pillow is a free C2C (corner to corner) Crochet Pattern at Nana’s Crafty Home!

Red Truck Harvest Pumpkin C2C Pillow Free Crochet Pattern

Oh how love this pillow! ? I must admit I have been just a teensy bit obsessed with Fall projects this year! ? Even though it is still hot in Kansas, my house is already bedecked with all the Fall things!

I have been fully immersed (i.e. buried ?) in the design process and roll out for my Crochet a Long for the Autumn Rhapsody Blanket but I just had to make this pillow!

A Red vintage pick up truck and pumpkins join together for this Fall themed pillow which will be the perfect addition to your home decor — this pillow has all the Fall Feels! You can just smell that pumpkin bread in the oven, can’t you??

Red Truck Harvest Pumpkin C2C Pillow Free Crochet Pattern

I used Caron Simply Soft yarn* for this project as I had some colors left over from my Love Bear Rainbow Baby Blanket and my Easter C2C Blanket. The colors are really vibrant and perfect for Fall with just the right amount of soft sheen. However, any yarn you have on hand or like to use would be just fine for this project!

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Red Truck Harvest Pumpkin C2C Pillow Free Crochet Pattern

I used the Mini C2C technique for this project which is corner to corner in hdc. If you have never worked corner to corner before head on over to these tutorials to get you going –

Basic C2C Stitch Tutorial

Changing Colors in C2C

How to Carry Colors in C2C

And, if you need help in learning how to make a C2C Crochet Rectangle shape I have a complete photo and video tutorial for you that will show you how to decrease on one side while continuing to increase on the other!

If you have worked the regular double crochet C2C but have never made C2C with half double crochet, the following tutorial will help —

Mini C2C (hdc) technique

My original design had the background in plaid rather than checked but it was just too busy so I changed it up and went with a checkered background. I really like the effect – modern yet classic!

The back panel of the pillow is just a plain hdc C2C rectangle to match the size of the front panel. Use any color from the front panel you like.

There is no need to sew the two panels together at the end or add a border — you will be crocheting the panels together with easy single crochet and chains — fast and simple!

sc in each corner

Red Truck Harvest Pumpkin C2C Pillow Free Crochet Pattern

If using Fiber Fill, leave enough room to fill your pillow!

Red Truck Harvest Pumpkin C2C Pillow Free Crochet Pattern

Fill with Fiber Fill before completely closing pillow.

Red Truck Harvest Pumpkin C2C Pillow Free Crochet Pattern

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Vintage Red Truck Harvest Pumpkin Crochet Pattern free C2C Pillow Pattern

Pattern written in US crochet terminology


Caron Simply Soft Gold 1.8 oz / 95 yds (Color gd)
Caron Simply Soft Baby Sunshine 7.75 oz / 406 yds (Color y)
Caron Simply Soft Heather Grey .08 oz / 5 yds (Color gr)
Caron Simply Soft Black .35 oz / 18 yds (Color b)
Caron Simply Soft Autumn Red .40 oz / 22 yds (Color dr)
Caron Simply Soft White .25 oz / 12 yds (Color w)
Caron Simply Soft Harvest Red 1.20 oz / 62 yds (Color r)
Caron Simply Soft Pumpkin .15 oz / 7 yds (color o)
Caron Simply Soft Dark Sage .05 oz / 2 yds (Color g)

Size H (5.0 mm) crochet hook

Tapestry Needle

Approximately 1 (16 oz) bag of Poly Fiber Fill or pillow insert

Approximate finished size: 20” wide x 13” tall

Gauge:  9 blocks = 4”


WS = wrong side
ch = chain
st = stitch
hdc = half double crochet
sc = single crochet
sk = skip
sp = space
RS = right side
sl st = slip stitch

Notes about pattern:

Pattern is worked in the mini hdc corner to corner (c2c) technique. Written row by row instructions follow with color pixel graph at bottom of post.

r: Red  / o: Orange  / y: Yellow   g: Green  / w: White  / b: Black  / gr: Grey  /
gd: Gold  / dr: Dark Red  

Front Panel (make 1)

Row 1 (WS): (gd)1  
Row 2: (gd)2  
Row 3: (gd)3  
Row 4: (gd)4  
Row 5: y1, (gd)3, y1  
Row 6: y2, (gd)2, y2  
Row 7: y3, (gd)1, y3  
Row 8: y8  
Row 9: (gd)1, y3, (gd)1, y1, (gr)1, y1, (gd)1  
Row 10: (gd)2, (gr)1, (dr)1, (gd)1, b3, (gd)2  
Row 11: (gd)2, b4, (dr)2, (gr)1, (gd)2  
Row 12: (gd)3, (gr)1, (dr)1, b1, w2, b1, (gd)3  
Row 13: y1, (gd)2, b1, w2, b1, (dr)2, r1, (gd)2, y1  
Row 14: y2, (gd)1, r2, (dr)1, b1, w2, b1, (gd)2, y2  
Row 15: y3, (gd)1, b1, w2, b1, (dr)2, r2, y3  
Row 16: y3, r3, (dr)1, b4, y5  
Row 17: (gd)1, y3, (gd)1, y1, b3, (dr)2, r3, y2, (gd)1  
Row 18: (gd)2, y1, r4, (dr)5, (gd)2, y2, (gd)2  
Row 19: (gd)3, y1, (gd)2, (dr)5, r4, y1, (gd)3  
Row 20: (gd)4, b1, r4, (dr)5, (gd)6  
Row 21: y1, (gd)3, y1, (gd)1, (dr)1, r8, b1, y1, (gd)3, y1  
Row 22: y2, (gd)2, y2, b1, r8, (dr)1, y2, (gd)2, y2  
Row 23: y3, (gd)1, y2, (dr)1, r8, b1, y3, (gd)1, y3  
Row 24: y7, o1, b1, r8, (dr)1, y6  
Row 25: (gd)1, y3, (gd)1, y1, (dr)1, r8, b1, o2, y2, (gd)1, y3, (gd)1  
Row 26: (gd)2, y2, (gd)2, y2, o2, b1, r8, (dr)1, (gd)2, y2, (gd)2  
Row 27: (gd)3, y1, (gd)2, (dr)1, r8, b1, (gd)1, o1, g1, y1, (gd)3, y1, (gd)3  
Row 28: (gd)11, o1, b1, r7, (dr)2, (gd)6  

Corner (begin decreasing)

Row 29: y1, (gd)3, y1, (gd)1, (dr)1, r1, (dr)1, r6, b1, o2, (gd)2, y1, (gd)3, y1, (gd)3  
Row 30: (gd)2, y2, (gd)2, y2, (gd)2, o2, b1, r5, (dr)1, r2, (dr)1, y1, b3, y2  
Row 31: y2, b4, (dr)2, r2, (dr)1, r4, b1, y1, o1, g1, (gd)1, y3, (gd)1, y3, (gd)1  Row 32: y8, o2, y2, b1, r3, (dr)1, r3, (dr)1, b1, w2, b1, y3  
Row 33: (gd)1, y2, b1, w2, b1, (dr)2, r3, (dr)1, r2, b1, y2, o2, (gd)1, y3, (gd)1, y3  Row 34: y2, (gd)2, y2, (gd)1, g1, o1, g1, y1, o1, b1, r1, (dr)1, r4, (dr)1, b1, w2, b1, y2, (gd)2  
Row 35: (gd)3, y1, b1, w2, b1, (dr)2, r4, (dr)1, b1, o3, y1, (gd)3, y1, (gd)3, y1  Row 36: (gd)9, o1, g1, o1, (dr)1, r1, (gr)1, r3, (dr)1, b4, (gd)5  
Row 37: y1, (gd)3, y1, (gd)1, b3, (dr)2, r2, (gr)1, r3, (gd)1, o1, g1, y1, (gd)3, y1, (gd)3  
Row 38: (gd)2, y2, (gd)2, y2, (gd)2, r7, (dr)5, y2, (gd)2, y2  
Row 39: y3, (gd)1, y2, (dr)5, r5, w1, r2, (gd)1, y3, (gd)1, y3, (gd)1  
Row 40: y8, r2, w2, r4, (dr)5, r1, y6  

Corner (begin decreasing)  

Row 41: y3, (gd)1, y1, r6, (dr)1, r3, w3, r2, y3, (gd)1, y3  
Row 42: y2, (gd)2, y2, r2, w4, r2, (dr)1, r6, (gr)1, (gd)2, y2  
Row 43: y1, (gd)2, (gr)1, r7, (dr)1, r1, w5, r1, (gd)1, y1, (gd)3, y1  
Row 44: (gd)6, r1, w5, (dr)1, r5, (gr)1, r1, (gr)1, (gd)3  
Row 45: (gd)3, y1, (gr)1, r3, b1, r3, w4, r1, (gd)2, y1, (gd)3  
Row 46: (gd)2, y2, (gd)2, r1, w3, r1, y1, r2, b1, r1, (gr)1, r1, y2, (gd)2  
Row 47: (gd)1, y3, (gr)1, r1, b1, r2, y2, r4, y1, (gd)1, y3, (gd)1  
Row 48: y6, r3, y3, r2, b1, r1, y4  
Row 49: y3, (gd)1, (gr)1, r2, (gd)1, y3, r2, y2, (gd)1, y3  
Row 50: y2, (gd)2, y2, (gd)2, y2, (gd)2, y1, (gr)1, (gd)2, y2  
Row 51: y1, (gd)3, y1, (gd)3, y1, (gd)3, y1, (gd)3, y1  
Row 52: (gd)16  
Row 53: (gd)3, y1, (gd)3, y1, (gd)3, y1, (gd)3  
Row 54: (gd)2, y2, (gd)2, y2, (gd)2, y2, (gd)2  
Row 55: (gd)1, y3, (gd)1, y3, (gd)1, y3, (gd)1  
Row 56: y12  
Row 57: y3, (gd)1, y3, (gd)1, y3  
Row 58: y2, (gd)2, y2, (gd)2, y2  
Row 59: y1, (gd)3, y1, (gd)3, y1  
Row 60: (gd)8  
Row 61: (gd)3, y1, (gd)3  
Row 62: (gd)2, y2, (gd)2  
Row 63: (gd)1, y3, (gd)1  
Row 64: y4  
Row 65: y3  
Row 66: y2  
Row 67: y1  

Back panel (make 1)

Row 1: y1  
Row 2: y2  
Row 3: y3  
Row 4: y4  
Row 5: y5  
Row 6: y6  
Row 7: y7  
Row 8: y8  
Row 9: y9  
Row 10: y10  
Row 11: y11  
Row 12: y12  
Row 13: y13  
Row 14: y14  
Row 15: y15  
Row 16: y16  
Row 17: y17  
Row 18: y18  
Row 19: y19  
Row 20: y20  
Row 21: y21  
Row 22: y22  
Row 23: y23  
Row 24: y24  
Row 25: y25  
Row 26: y26  
Row 27: y27  
Row 28: y28  

Corner (begin decreasing)

Row 29: y28  
Row 30: y28  
Row 31: y28  
Row 32: y28  
Row 33: y28  
Row 34: y28  
Row 35: y28  
Row 36: y28  
Row 37: y28  
Row 38: y28  
Row 39: y28  
Row 40: y28  

Corner (begin decreasing)  

Row 41: y27  
Row 42: y26  
Row 43: y25  
Row 44: y24  
Row 45: y23  
Row 46: y22  
Row 47: y21  
Row 48: y20  
Row 49: y19  
Row 50: y18  
Row 51: y17  
Row 52: y16  
Row 53: y15  
Row 54: y14  
Row 55: y13  
Row 56: y12  
Row 57: y11  
Row 58: y10  
Row 59: y9  
Row 60: y8  
Row 61: y7  
Row 62: y6  
Row 63: y5  
Row 64: y4  
Row 65: y3  
Row 66: y2  
Row 67: y1  

Attaching Panels Together

Once panels are complete, with WS of panels facing each other and RS of front panel facing you, attach color g between 2 blocks and through both panels with sl st, sc in same sp, ch 2, *sc in next sp between hdc blocks, ch 2,* repeat between * * to corner, sc in each corner and continue repeating between * * around through 3 sides of panel. With final side of pillow still open, insert fiber fill or pillow insert and then continue repeating through last side of panel to end, sl st to 1st st.

Front Panel

Red Truck Harvest Pumpkin C2C Pillow Free Crochet Pattern
Vintage Red Truck Harvest Pumpkin C2C Graph

Back Panel

Red Truck Harvest Pumpkin C2C Pillow Free Crochet Pattern
Vintage Red Truck Harvest Pumpkin C2C Graph Back Panel
Red Truck Harvest Pumpkin C2C Pillow Free Crochet Pattern
Vintage Red Truck C2C Pillow Pinterest Collage


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