Mini C2C (Corner to Corner) HDC Photo & Video Tutorial

A complete photo and video tutorial for the Mini C2C (HDC) technique!

Mini (hdc) C2C (corner to corner) crochet photo & video tutorial

This tutorial will help you learn how to work the hdc mini c2c stitch. Worked in hdc stitches instead of dc stitches to make your blocks smaller and tighter. This allows you to work more detailed graphs in a smaller size.

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I am using this stitch for my upcoming American Flag Placemat pattern which will be released soon. With the hdc stitch I was able to make a more detailed flag yet stay within a standard placemat size.

The technique itself is essentially the same as standard dc c2c with some minor adjustments.

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I have also provided a complete video tutorial which you can find below the photo tutorial at the bottom of the post.

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mini c2c crochet tutorial row 1
Row 1: ch 4, hdc in 3rd and 4th ch from hook (1st block & row 1 completed)
mini c2c crochet tutorial row 2
Row 2: ch 4, hdc in 3rd & 4th ch from hook, (1st block made)
mini c2c crochet tutorial row 2
sl st in ch 2 turning sp from previous row, ch 2, 2 hdc in same ch 2 sp. (row 2 complete)
mini c2c crochet tutorial row 3 and on
rows 3 – end of increase rounds: continue repeating steps of row 2.

I hope this tutorial has helped you with your corner to corner skills!

Mini (hdc) C2C (corner to corner) crochet photo & video tutorial