Crochet Plaid Blanket – Joy to the World free pattern!

Jul 25, 2023 | Crochet patterns

This crochet plaid blanket is a free Christmas tapestry crochet plaid blanket pattern by Nana’s Crafty Home!

crochet plaid christmas blanket free pattern

Wrap yourself in cozy warmth and embrace the magic of the holiday season with the Joy to the World Christmas crochet plaid Blanket. This plaid crochet blanket embodies classic rustic elegance. Plus a reminder of the reason for the Season!

This beautiful Christmas blanket evokes all the feels of an inviting countryside retreat. Sit by the fireside under your modern Christmas crochet plaid blanket this holiday season!

Crochet Plaid Blanket Pattern Details

The Joy to the World Christmas crochet plaid blanket is a modern blanket made with the single crochet tapestry technique. After designing the I’ll Be Home for Christmas Tapestry throw a couple of years ago I have been itching to make another Christmas themed blanket with plaid details.

This afghan is actually easier than it may look as it uses basic beginner-friendly single crochet stitches throughout.  If you have never done a tapestry crochet project before all you are really doing is changing colors to create the design in single crochet stitches.

I have a couple of complete tutorials to help you if you have never worked this crochet color work technique as well.  

The Tapestry Crochet Tips and Tricks tutorial is a complete photo and video tutorial to help you get started with this fabulous crochet technique.

My video tutorial for how to incorporate Intarsia crochet techniques into your tapestry crochet projects will help improve your tapestry crochet game.  

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Yarn bobbins will be your best friend while crocheting this crochet plaid blanket. For the gingham plaid sections of the blanket I would carry the non-working throughout.  For the middle section of the blanket I primarily used bobbins and did not carry the non-working yarn much at all.  I just didn’t like how the black yarn would show through the white sections and the white yarn would show through the lettering.  

Joy to the World Blanket process

That did mean quite a few ends to weave in but if you manage ends as you go this won’t be a huge deal at the end like it was for me.  I would recommend that you not weave in close to where you are in the pattern just in case you have to rip any rows out.  Nothing worse than trying to rip out rows with ends already tucked in!  A good rule of thumb is to begin weaving in ends 5-7 rows below your current row – after ensuring things look right first!

I used Red Heart With Love yarn* for my blanket which is a medium worsted weight yarn.  However, you could certainly substitute with another yarn of your choice.  In fact, using a bulky yarn would be a great way to make this throw larger as well.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself. This post may contain affiliate links that if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 

Using a medium weight yarn I ended up with an approximate finished size of 33″ width x 40″ tall.  The perfect size for a decorative throw for a couch or bed.  

I decided on a single round of single crochet around the outside edge because I preferred the simple finish.  You could certainly add tassels or pom poms to the corners of the plaid crochet blanket pattern as another option. If you like the idea of a simple finish with a little extra texture you could finish with a round of single crochet crab stitch – a favorite!

The Joy to the World crochet plaid blanket is also available as an ad-free, printable PDF. You can purchase the individual pattern for the Joy to the World Christmas tapestry throw, or if you love PDFs, you might want to check out my Lifetime Membership. It’s an awesome deal! Never pay for one of my PDFs again!! (Or, scroll down for the free version!)

I have included the full-color graph in the ad-free PDF as well as the full-color graph split into 4 so you can easily enlarge, print and tape together for an easy to follow full color graph!

You can find the free written pattern below at the bottom of this post or you can purchase the ad-free pdf of the Joy to the World Christmas plaid blanket for a small fee.  Thank you so much for supporting my work! 

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Joy to the World tapestry crochet gingham plaid blanket

Joy to the World Christmas Throw Pattern

Pattern written in US crochet terminology


Red Heart With Love Weight 4 / Medium (100% acrylic, 7 oz / 370 yds) 

  •     White 14 oz / 740 yards (W – White)
  •     Holly Berry 2.75 oz / 150 yards (R – Red)
  •     Black 6.6 oz / 350 yards (B – Black)
  •     Pewter 8.0 oz / 425 yards (G – Grey)

Size K (6.5 mm) crochet hook
Tapestry needle

Approximate finished size:  33” wide x 40” height

Gauge: 16 rows x 14 sc = 4” x 4”


  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • st(s) = stitch(es)
  • WS = wrong side
  • RS = right side

Pattern Notes:

  • Graph is worked in single crochet (sc) tapestry crochet technique.  Each pixel of graph corresponds to 1 sc stitch.  
  • At the end of each row, turn and ch 1.  Ch 1 does not count as a stitch.
  • Stitch count will be 115 stitches at the end of each row.
  • Since all sts are sc, the pattern is written telling you which color to use and how many stitches of that color. For Example: “[(B)5, (W)5] eleven times” means you will work with black color for 5 sc sts, then white color for 5 sc sts, and work that pattern 11 times total across the row.
  • Since graph is so large, it has been split into 4 sections.  I printed the four smaller graphs each on 8 1/2” x 11” paper then pieced them together to create 1 large graph to follow.

Recommended Tutorials

Tapestry Crochet Tips & Tricks

Incorporating Intarsia Crochet Techniques in a Tapestry Project

Written Row-by-Row instructions

To begin, with black (B) color ch 116 and start the first row in the second ch from the hook.

At the end of each row, turn and ch 1 (ch 1 does not count as a stitch).

← Row 1 [RS]: [(B)5, (G)5] eleven times, (B)5

Rows 2 – 5: Repeat row 1. 

→ Row 6 [WS]: [(G)5, (W)5] eleven times, (G)5  

Rows 7 – 10: Repeat row 6.

Rows 11 – 20: Repeat rows 1 – 10.

← Row 21 [RS]: [(B)5, (G)5] eleven times, (B)5  

→ Row 22 [WS]: (B)5, (G)5, (B)5, (G)1, (R)83, (G)1, (B)5, (G)5, (B)5  

Rows 23 – 25: Repeat row 22.

→ Row 26 [WS]: (G)5, (W)5, (G)5, (W)1, (R)4, (W)75, (R)4, (W)1, (G)5, (W)5, (G)5  

Rows 27 – 30: Repeat row 26.

← Row 31 [RS]: (B)5, (G)5, (B)5, (G)1, (R)4, (W)75, (R)4, (G)1, (B)5, (G)5, (B)5  

Rows 32 – 35: Repeat row 31. 

Note: For ease of writing, reading and stitching the remainder of the pattern will focus on color placement for the middle lettering.  You will continue to work the border pattern as established in the previous 10 rows.  Border stitches will only be written out when the pattern changes, as in Rows 36, 41, etc.

→ Row 36 [WS]: (G)5, (W)5, (G)5, (W)1, (R)4, (W)60, (B)3, (W)12, (R)4, (W)1, (G)5, (W)5, (G)5 

← Row 37 [RS]: border, (W)12, (B)4, (W)11, (B)3, (W)45, border

→ Row 38 [WS]: border, (W)16, (B)5, (W)23, (B)5, (W)9, (B)6, (W)11, border

← Row 39 [RS]: border, (W)11, (B)1, (W)1, (B)4, (W)9, (B)6, (W)13, (B)2, (W)7, (B)6, (W)15, border  

→ Row 40 [WS]: border, (W)14, (B)7, (W)8, (B)2, (W)12, (B)4, (W)1, (B)1, (W)9, (B)4, (W)1, (B)2, (W)10, border  

← Row 41 [RS]: (B)5, (G)5, (B)5, (G)1, (R)4, (W)10, (B)2, (W)1, (B)4, (W)8, (B)2, (W)2, (B)3, (W)2, (B)4, (W)6, (B)2, (W)8, (B)3, (W)1, (B)3, (W)14, (R)4, (G)1, (B)5, (G)5, (B)5 

→ Row 42 [WS]: border, (W)6, (B)4, (W)4, (B)3, (W)2, (B)2, (W)3, (B)4, (W)2, (B)2, (W)4, (B)5, (W)2, (B)3, (W)2, (B)2, (W)3, (B)2, (W)3, (B)4, (W)2, (B)1, (W)10, border

← Row 43 [RS]: border, (W)10, (B)1, (W)2, (B)4, (W)2, (B)7, (W)3, (B)3, (W)1, (B)6, (W)3, (B)2, (W)2, (B)6, (W)1, (B)3, (W)2, (B)4, (W)2, (B)5, (W)6, border

→ Row 44 [WS]: border, (W)6, (B)5, (W)2, (B)3, (W)3, (B)3, (W)1, (B)3, (W)2, (B)1, (W)2, (B)3, (W)2, (B)3, (W)2, (B)1, (W)1, (B)3, (W)3, (B)5, (W)1, (B)1, (W)2, (B)4, (W)2, (B)1, (W)10, border  

← Row 45 [RS]: border, (W)13, (B)4, (W)1, (B)2, (W)1, (B)5, (W)3, (B)5, (W)2, (B)3, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)3, (W)1, (B)2, (W)4, (B)3, (W)1, (B)2, (W)1, (B)3, (W)6, border  

→ Row 46 [WS]: (G)5, (W)5, (G)5, (W)1, (R)4, (W)6, (B)3, (W)1, (B)2, (W)1, (B)3, (W)4, (B)2, (W)1, (B)3, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)3, (W)3, (B)4, (W)4, (B)4, (W)2, (B)6, (W)13, (R)4, (W)1, (G)5, (W)5, (G)5  

← Row 47 [RS]: border, (W)13, (B)6, (W)2, (B)3, (W)5, (B)4, (W)3, (B)3, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)3, (W)1, (B)2, (W)4, (B)5, (W)2, (B)3, (W)6, border

→ Row 48 [WS]: border, (W)6, (B)3, (W)2, (B)5, (W)4, (B)2, (W)1, (B)3, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)3, (W)3, (B)4, (W)5, (B)3, (W)4, (B)4, (W)13, border

← Row 49 [RS]: border, (W)13, (B)4, (W)4, (B)3, (W)5, (B)4, (W)3, (B)3, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)3, (W)1, (B)2, (W)4, (B)4, (W)3, (B)3, (W)6, border

→ Row 50 [WS]: border, (W)6, (B)3, (W)3, (B)4, (W)4, (B)2, (W)1, (B)3, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)3, (W)3, (B)4, (W)5, (B)3, (W)4, (B)4, (W)13, border

← Row 51 [RS]: (B)5, (G)5, (B)5, (G)1, (R)4, (W)13, (B)4, (W)3, (B)4, (W)5, (B)4, (W)3, (B)3, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)3, (W)1, (B)2, (W)4, (B)3, (W)4, (B)3, (W)6, (R)4, (G)1, (B)5, (G)5, (B)5  

→ Row 52 [WS]: border, (W)6, (B)3, (W)4, (B)3, (W)4, (B)2, (W)1, (B)3, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)3, (B)2, (W)3, (B)5, (W)5, (B)3, (W)3, (B)5, (W)12, border

← Row 53 [RS]: border, (W)11, (B)11, (W)5, (B)6, (W)3, (B)2, (W)3, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)3, (W)1, (B)2, (W)4, (B)2, (W)4, (B)3, (W)7, border  

→ Row 54 [WS]: border, (W)7, (B)3, (W)9, (B)3, (W)2, (B)3, (W)1, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)3, (B)4, (W)2, (B)5, (W)11, (B)6, (W)10, border  

← Row 55 [RS]: border, (W)8, (B)3, (W)1, (B)4, (W)10, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)4, (W)3, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)1, (B)3, (W)3, (B)2, (W)9, (B)3, (W)7, border

→ Row 56 [WS]: (G)5, (W)5, (G)5, (W)1, (R)4, (W)2, (B)4, (W)2, (B)3, (W)8, (B)2, (W)4, (B)4, (W)3, (B)2, (W)3, (B)4, (W)2, (B)2, (W)3, (B)2, (W)9, (B)4, (W)3, (B)2, (W)7, (R)4, (W)1, (G)5, (W)5, (G)5  

← Row 57 [RS]: border, (W)6, (B)2, (W)3, (B)5, (W)9, (B)2, (W)2, (B)3, (W)2, (B)9, (W)4, (B)2, (W)5, (B)2, (W)8, (B)3, (W)1, (B)4, (W)3, border  

→ Row 58 [WS]: border, (W)3, (B)8, (W)8, (B)2, (W)8, (B)12, (W)2, (B)3, (W)3, (B)2, (W)9, (B)4, (W)4, (B)2, (W)5, border  

← Row 59 [RS]: border, (W)4, (B)3, (W)3, (B)5, (W)9, (B)2, (W)3, (B)2, (W)9, (B)9, (W)5, (B)2, (W)19, border  

→ Row 60 [WS]: border, (W)19, (B)2, (W)4, (B)5, (W)1, (B)2, (W)11, (B)3, (W)2, (B)2, (W)10, (B)4, (W)4, (B)2, (W)4, border  

← Row 61 [RS]: (B)5, (G)5, (B)5, (G)1, (R)4, (W)3, (B)2, (W)5, (B)4, (W)10, (B)6, (W)13, (B)1, (W)4, (B)3, (W)3, (B)2, (W)19, (R)4, (G)1, (B)5, (G)5, (B)5  

→ Row 62 [WS]: border, (W)19, (B)2, (W)3, (B)2, (W)5, (B)1, (W)14, (B)5, (W)11, (B)4, (W)4, (B)2, (W)3, border 

← Row 63 [RS]: border, (W)3, (B)1, (W)4, (B)4, (W)31, (B)2, (W)4, (B)2, (W)3, (B)2, (W)19, border 

→ Row 64 [WS]: border, (W)24, (B)3, (W)2, (B)2, (W)32, (B)4, (W)4, (B)1, (W)3, border 

← Row 65 [RS]: border, (W)3, (B)2, (W)2, (B)4, (W)16, (B)3, (W)15, (B)4, (W)26, border  

→ Row 66 [WS]: (G)5, (W)5, (G)5, (W)1, (R)4, (W)45, (B)4, (W)16, (B)6, (W)4, (R)4, (W)1, (G)5, (W)5, (G)5  

← Row 67 [RS]: border, (W)5, (B)3, (W)11, (B)4, (W)2, (B)2, (W)1, (B)2, (W)6, (B)4, (W)35, border

→ Row 68 [WS]: border, (W)17, (B)3, (W)14, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)5, (B)2, (W)2, (B)4, (W)1, (B)3, (W)18, border  

← Row 69 [RS]: border, (W)17, (B)2, (W)3, (B)3, (W)3, (B)2, (W)5, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)13, (B)5, (W)16, border 

→ Row 70 [WS]: border, (W)16, (B)3, (W)1, (B)1, (W)2, (B)3, (W)8, (B)2, (W)3, (B)2, (W)4, (B)3, (W)2, (B)3, (W)4, (B)1, (W)17, border  

← Row 71 [RS]: (B)5, (G)5, (B)5, (G)1, (R)4, (W)22, (B)3, (W)2, (B)3, (W)3, (B)3, (W)3, (B)2, (W)7, (B)5, (W)1, (B)1, (W)1, (B)3, (W)16, (R)4, (G)1, (B)5, (G)5, (B)5  

→ Row 72 [WS]: border, (W)16, (B)3, (W)1, (B)1, (W)1, (B)6, (W)6, (B)2, (W)3, (B)4, (W)3, (B)2, (W)2, (B)3, (W)22, border  

← Row 73 [RS]: border, (W)19, (B)6, (W)2, (B)2, (W)2, (B)5, (W)3, (B)2, (W)6, (B)2, (W)1, (B)5, (W)1, (B)3, (W)16, border  

→ Row 74 [WS]: border, (W)16, (B)3, (W)2, (B)3, (W)2, (B)2, (W)6, (B)2, (W)3, (B)2, (W)1, (B)3, (W)1, (B)2, (W)2, (B)3, (W)1, (B)2, (W)19, border  

← Row 75 [RS]: border, (W)19, (B)2, (W)1, (B)2, (W)3, (B)6, (W)1, (B)2, (W)3, (B)2, (W)6, (B)2, (W)2, (B)3, (W)2, (B)3, (W)16, border

→ Row 76 [WS]: (G)5, (W)5, (G)5, (W)1, (R)4, (W)16, (B)3, (W)3, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)5, (B)4, (W)2, (B)2, (W)1, (B)2, (W)7, (B)2, (W)1, (B)2, (W)19, (R)4, (W)1, (G)5, (W)5, (G)5  

← Row 77 [RS]: border, (W)20, (B)4, (W)7, (B)2, (W)1, (B)2, (W)1, (B)7, (W)3, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)3, (B)3, (W)16, border  

→ Row 78 [WS]: border, (W)16, (B)3, (W)3, (B)6, (W)6, (B)2, (W)3, (B)2, (W)2, (B)1, (W)31, border  

← Row 79 [RS]: border, (W)30, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)3, (B)2, (W)6, (B)5, (W)3, (B)5, (W)15, border  

→ Row 80 [WS]: border, (W)14, (B)7, (W)3, (B)3, (W)7, (B)2, (W)3, (B)6, (W)30, border  

← Row 81 [RS]: (B)5, (G)5, (B)5, (G)1, (R)4, (W)30, (B)4, (W)22, (B)3, (W)16, (R)4, (G)1, (B)5, (G)5, (B)5  

→ Row 82 [WS]: border, (W)16, (B)3, (W)56, border  

← Row 83 [RS]: border, (W)24, (B)6, (W)26, (B)2, (W)17, border  

→ Row 84 [WS]: border, (W)17, (B)2, (W)24, (B)5, (W)1, (B)3, (W)23, border

← Row 85 [RS]: border, (W)22, (B)2, (W)6, (B)3, (W)42, border  

→ Row 86 [WS]: (G)5, (W)5, (G)5, (W)1, (R)4, (W)42, (B)2, (W)7, (B)3, (W)21, (R)4, (W)1, (G)5, (W)5, (G)5  

← Row 87 [RS]: border, (W)20, (B)3, (W)8, (B)2, (W)19, (B)9, (W)14, border

→ Row 88 [WS]: border, (W)13, (B)12, (W)5, (B)2, (W)10, (B)2, (W)8, (B)3, (W)20, border  

← Row 89 [RS]: border, (W)19, (B)3, (W)9, (B)2, (W)10, (B)1, (W)5, (B)4, (W)5, (B)4, (W)13, border  

→ Row 90 [WS]: border, (W)12, (B)2, (W)9, (B)4, (W)4, (B)2, (W)9, (B)4, (W)7, (B)3, (W)19, border 

← Row 91 [RS]: (B)5, (G)5, (B)5, (G)1, (R)4, (W)19, (B)3, (W)6, (B)2, (W)2, (B)5, (W)4, (B)2, (W)4, (B)4, (W)10, (B)2, (W)12, (R)4, (G)1, (B)5, (G)5, (B)5  

→ Row 92 [WS]: border, (W)12, (B)2, (W)11, (B)3, (W)5, (B)6, (W)1, (B)3, (W)2, (B)3, (W)5, (B)4, (W)18, border  

← Row 93 [RS]: border, (W)18, (B)4, (W)5, (B)2, (W)2, (B)2, (W)14, (B)3, (W)2, (B)2, (W)7, (B)3, (W)11, border  

→ Row 94 [WS]: border, (W)11, (B)3, (W)7, (B)2, (W)3, (B)3, (W)14, (B)2, (W)1, (B)2, (W)5, (B)4, (W)18, border  

← Row 95 [RS]: border, (W)18, (B)4, (W)5, (B)4, (W)15, (B)3, (W)3, (B)2, (W)7, (B)3, (W)11, border  

→ Row 96 [WS]: (G)5, (W)5, (G)5, (W)1, (R)4, (W)11, (B)3, (W)7, (B)2, (W)3, (B)3, (W)7, (B)5, (W)13, (B)3, (W)18, (R)4, (W)1, (G)5, (W)5, (G)5  

← Row 97 [RS]: border, (W)18, (B)3, (W)13, (B)2, (W)1, (B)3, (W)5, (B)4, (W)3, (B)2, (W)7, (B)3, (W)11, border  

→ Row 98 [WS]: border, (W)12, (B)3, (W)6, (B)2, (W)3, (B)4, (W)4, (B)3, (W)2, (B)3, (W)4, (B)4, (W)4, (B)3, (W)18, border  

← Row 99 [RS]: border, (W)18, (B)3, (W)3, (B)6, (W)2, (B)3, (W)4, (B)2, (W)4, (B)4, (W)3, (B)2, (W)6, (B)3, (W)12, border  

→ Row 100 [WS]: border, (W)13, (B)2, (W)5, (B)3, (W)3, (B)4, (W)3, (B)3, (W)5, (B)2, (W)2, (B)4, (W)1, (B)1, (W)3, (B)3, (W)18, border  

← Row 101 [RS]: (B)5, (G)5, (B)5, (G)1, (R)4, (W)18, (B)3, (W)2, (B)2, (W)3, (B)2, (W)1, (B)2, (W)6, (B)3, (W)3, (B)4, (W)4, (B)2, (W)3, (B)3, (W)14, (R)4, (G)1, (B)5, (G)5, (B)5  

→ Row 102 [WS]: border, (W)15, (B)6, (W)5, (B)4, (W)3, (B)3, (W)6, (B)2, (W)1, (B)2, (W)3, (B)2, (W)2, (B)3, (W)18, border  

← Row 103 [RS]: border, (W)18, (B)3, (W)2, (B)2, (W)3, (B)2, (W)1, (B)2, (W)6, (B)3, (W)1, (B)6, (W)6, (B)4, (W)16, border  

→ Row 104 [WS]: border, (W)26, (B)4, (W)1, (B)5, (W)6, (B)2, (W)1, (B)2, (W)4, (B)2, (W)1, (B)3, (W)18, border  

← Row 105 [RS]: border, (W)18, (B)5, (W)5, (B)2, (W)1, (B)2, (W)6, (B)4, (W)3, (B)3, (W)26, border  

→ Row 106 [WS]: (G)5, (W)5, (G)5, (W)1, (R)4, (W)26, (B)3, (W)5, (B)2, (W)6, (B)2, (W)1, (B)2, (W)5, (B)5, (W)18, (R)4, (W)1, (G)5, (W)5, (G)5 

← Row 107 [RS]: border, (W)18, (B)4, (W)6, (B)2, (W)1, (B)2, (W)6, (B)2, (W)5, (B)3, (W)26, border  

→ Row 108 [WS]: border, (W)26, (B)3, (W)5, (B)3, (W)5, (B)2, (W)1, (B)2, (W)6, (B)4, (W)18, border 

← Row 109 [RS]: border, (W)18, (B)4, (W)6, (B)2, (W)1, (B)2, (W)3, (B)4, (W)6, (B)3, (W)26, border  

→ Row 110 [WS]: border, (W)26, (B)3, (W)7, (B)3, (W)2, (B)3, (W)1, (B)2, (W)7, (B)3, (W)18, border

← Row 111 [RS]: (B)5, (G)5, (B)5, (G)1, (R)4, (W)18, (B)3, (W)7, (B)2, (W)2, (B)6, (W)8, (B)3, (W)26, (R)4, (G)1, (B)5, (G)5, (B)5  

→ Row 112 [WS]: border, (W)26, (B)3, (W)26, (B)2, (W)18, border

← Row 113 [RS]: border, (W)18, (B)2, (W)55, border  

→ Row 114 [WS]: border, (W)55, (B)2, (W)18, border 

← Row 115 [RS]: border, (W)18, (B)2, (W)55, border  

→ Row 116 [WS]: (G)5, (W)5, (G)5, (W)1, (R)4, (W)26, (B)3, (W)26, (B)2, (W)18, (R)4, (W)1, (G)5, (W)5, (G)5  

← Row 117 [RS]: border, (W)46, (B)3, (W)26, border  

→ Row 118 [WS]: border, (W)26, (B)3, (W)46, border  

← Row 119 [RS]: border, (W)75, border  

→ Row 120: Repeat row 119. 

← Row 121 [RS]: (B)5, (G)5, (B)5, (G)1, (R)4, (W)75, (R)4, (G)1, (B)5, (G)5, (B)5 

Rows 122 – 125: Repeat row 121.

→ Row 126 [WS]: (G)5, (W)5, (G)5, (W)1, (R)4, (W)75, (R)4, (W)1, (G)5, (W)5, (G)5  

Rows 127 – 130: Repeat row 126.

← Row 131 [RS]: (B)5, (G)5, (B)5, (G)1, (R)83, (G)1, (B)5, (G)5, (B)5  

Rows 132 – 134: Repeat row 131.  

← Row 135 [RS]: [(B)5, (G)5] eleven times, (B)5  

→ Row 136 [WS]: [(G)5, (W)5] eleven times, (G)5  

Row 137 – 140: Repeat row 136.

← Row 141 [RS]: [(B)5, (G)5] eleven times, (B)5  

Row 142 – 145: Repeat row 141. 

→ Row 146 [WS]: [(G)5, (W)5] eleven times, (G)5  

Row 147 – 150: Repeat row 146.

← Row 151 [RS]: [(B)5, (G)5] eleven times, (B)5 

Row 152 – 155: Repeat row 151.

Edge: Do not turn and do not fasten off black after row 155, work a round of sc sts evenly around outside edge of blanket, placing 3 sc sts in each corner.

Fasten off. Weave in all ends.

Block finished blanket if desired.

Joy to the World Tapestry Christmas plaid crochet blanket pattern

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Joy to the World tapestry crochet gingham plaid blanket


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