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Tulip Flowers C2C Square Easter Blanket Graphgan CAL Part 9

The Tulips C2C Square is the last square of The Easter Blanket Graphgan CAL (Crochet a Long)! A free crochet pattern!

Tulips C2C Square Easter Blanket Graphgan CAL Part 9

We are almost finished with our Crochet a Long and I am so excited! This was such a fun and colorful blanket to make! I hope you all have been enjoying this CAL as much as I have!

I really struggled with this design — I wanted to include tulips in my blanket but I could just not get them to look like tulips! I think this square came pretty close but if you don’t see it just refer to it as the “Flowers” C2C Square instead! 😉

If you are new to corner to corner and are just getting started with this blanket I have several tutorials which will help get you up to speed! Just click on the link to go to the tutorials —

Basic C2C Stitch Photo & Video Tutorial

How to Change Colors in C2C

How to Carry Colors in C2C

How to Read C2C Graphs and Written instructions

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If you would like to purchase the ad-free pdf of this pattern you can find it on Ravelry here. For one price you will get all 9 pattern pdfs for each individual square of the blanket as well as border instructions to finish!

Next week I will show you how to join and provide instructions for the border of this beautiful blanket! Video tutorial will be included!

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Tulips C2C Square Easter Blanket Graphgan CAL Part 9

Tools to help with yarn tangling while working corner to corner graphs consider the following:

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Tulips C2C Square 

Pattern written in US crochet terminology


Caron Simply Soft White 2.8 oz / 147 yds (w)

Caron Simply Soft — Soft Green .6 oz / 32 yds (g)

Caron Simply Soft — Soft Pink .15 oz / 8 yds (pi)

Caron Simply Soft Sunshine .15 oz / 8 yds (y)

Caron Simply Soft — Soft Blue .15 oz/8 yds (blu)

Size H/8 (5.0 mm) crochet hook

Tapestry needle


Approximate finished size: 13.5” x 13.5”

Gauge:  6 blocks = 4”


w = white
g = green
pi = pink
y = yellow
blu = blue
WS = wrong side
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
RS = right side

Notes about pattern:

Pattern is worked in Double Crochet Corner to Corner (C2C) Crochet technique. Written row by row instructions and full color graph follow below:

w: white  / g = green / pi = pink / y = yellow / blu = Blue

Row 1: 1w  
Row 2: 2w  
Row 3: 3w  
Row 4: 4w  
Row 5: 5w  
Row 6: 4w, 1g, 1w  
Row 7: 2w, 3g, 2w  
Row 8: 2w, 1g, 1w, 1g, 3w  
Row 9: 3w, 2g, 4w  
Row 10: 4w, 1g, 5w  
Row 11: 4w, 1g, 1w, 1g, 4w  
Row 12: 4w, 1g, 1w, 1g, 3w, 1g, 1w  
Row 13: 2w, 1g, 5w, 1g, 4w  
Row 14: 4w, 1g, 5w, 1g, 3w  
Row 15: 4w, 1g, 5w, 3g, 2w  
Row 16: 2w, 3(pi), 2w, 4g, 5w  
Row 17: 6w, 1g, 2w, 1g, 1w, 1g, 3(pi), 2w  
Row 18: 3w, 3(pi), 4w, 2g, 4w, 1g, 1w  
Row 19: 2w, 3g, 3w, 1g, 3w, 1g, 3(pi), 3w  
Row 20: 4w, 3(pi), 3w, 1g, 1w, 1g, 1w, 1g, 1w, 1g, 3w  

Corner (begin decreasing)  

Row 21: 2w, 2g, 5w, 1g, 3w, 2(pi), 4w  
Row 22: 6w, 3g, 2w, 1g, 2w, 1g, 3w  
Row 23: 1w, 1g, 1w, 1g, 2w, 1g, 2w, 3y, 5w  
Row 24: 4w, 3y, 1g, 4w, 1g, 1w, 1g, 1w  
Row 25: 3w, 1g, 4w, 3y, 4w  
Row 26: 3w, 3y, 1g, 3w, 1g, 3w  
Row 27: 3w, 3g, 1w, 3y, 3w  
Row 28: 3w, 2y, 1w, 3(blu), 3w  
Row 29: 2w, 1g, 3(blu), 5w  
Row 30: 5w, 3(blu), 2w  
Row 31: 1w, 1g, 3(blu), 4w  
Row 32: 4w, 3(blu), 1w  
Row 33: 1w, 2(blu), 4w  
Row 34: 6w  
Row 35: 5w  
Row 36: 4w  
Row 37: 3w  
Row 38: 2w  
Row 39: 1w  

Tulips C2C Square Easter Blanket Graphgan CAL Part 9
Tulips C2C Square Graph

Tulips C2C Square Easter Blanket Graphgan CAL Part 9