Butterfly C2C Square Easter Blanket Graphgan Crochet a Long Part 1

Feb 13, 2019 | Crochet patterns

The Butterfly C2C (Corner to Corner) Square is the first square in my Easter Blanket Graphgan. A free crochet pattern featuring 9 different Easter themed pixel graphs!

Butterfly C2C Square Easter Blanket Graphgan Crochet a Long (CAL)

This will be a mini-crochet a long (CAL) in which one square will be released each week over the next 9 weeks. The last post will show you the final blanket and will detail how to stitch your squares together and provide border instructions. That means the last post will be a week before Easter so you will have plenty of time to finish!

If you are new to the C2C crochet technique I have videos which will help you learn this wonderful technique. Just click on the links provided below to go to the photo and video tutorials.

At the bottom of this post I am providing a video on How to Read Instructions in both graph and written form. Scroll on down to the bottom if you want to check that out!

C2C Corner to Corner Crochet Photo and Video Tutorial
C2C Stitch Tutorial

Basic Corner to Corner Stitch Photo and Video Tutorial

Corner to Corner (C2C) Basics: How to Change Colors Photo & Video Tutorial
C2C Basics: How to Change Colors

C2C Basics: How to Change Colors

C2C Basics Tips and Tricks on Carrying Colors in Corner to Corner (C2C) crochet
How to Carry Yarn Colors

C2C Basics: 5 Tips for Carrying Yarn Colors

The squares on this blanket are 20 x 20 pixel blocks and are an approximate finished size of 13.5″ x 13.5″ per square. These squares work up pretty quickly and by working the blanket as individual squares it makes the color changes much more manageable than trying to make one large blanket.

Butterfly C2C Square Easter Blanket Graphgan Crochet a Long (CAL)

I used Caron Simply Soft* for my blanket as I really like the softness of this yarn combined with the slight touch of sheen provided. However, you can certainly use any worsted weight yarn of your preference.

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This pattern is also available as an ad-free, printable PDF! You can purchase the individual pattern, or if you love PDFs, you might want to check out my Lifetime Membership. It’s an awesome deal! Never pay for one of my PDFs again!! (Or, scroll down for the free version!)

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There are so many options for these squares — pillows or wall hangings are other great options! Mix and match the squares to make your own individual and unique blanket!

If you would like to follow along with other crocheters as we make this Easter Blanket, head on over to the Nana’s Crafty Home Crochet a Long Group! A great way to show off your projects as well as ask questions and get help from other crocheters!

Sneak peek at next week’s square:

Butterfly C2C Square Easter Blanket Graphgan Crochet a Long (CAL)
Cross C2C Square is the next square in the series!

If you are making the blanket the same as mine without substituting squares here are the yarn totals you will need for the entire blanket including the joining the squares and the border:

(5) Caron Simply Soft White 3.55 oz / 1300 yds
(1) Caron Simply Soft — Soft Pink 4.7 oz / 246 yds
(1) Caron Simply Soft Sunshine 3.55 oz / 186 yds
(1) Caron Simply Soft — Soft Blue 2.62 oz / 138 yds
(1) Caron Simply Soft — Blackberry 1.57 oz / 82.5 yds
(1) Caron Simply Soft — Soft Green 1.6 oz / 85 yds
(1) Caron Simply Soft — Black .33 oz / 18.2 yds
(1) Caron Simply Soft — Pumpkin .41 oz / 21.5 yds

Total yardage: approximately 2078 yards

Butterfly C2C Square

Pattern written in US crochet terminology


Caron Simply Soft White 1.85 oz / 96 yds (w)

Caron Simply Soft — Soft Pink 1.45 oz / 76 yds (pi)

Caron Simply Soft Sunshine .3 oz / 16 yds (y)

Caron Simply Soft Black .25 oz / 14 yds (b)

Size H/8 (5.0 mm) crochet hook

Tapestry needle


Approximate finished size:

Approximate finished size:  13.5” x 13.5”

Gauge:  6 blocks = 4”


w = white
pi = pink
y = yellow
b = black
WS = wrong side
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch

Notes about pattern:

Pattern is worked in Double Crochet Corner to Corner (C2C) Crochet technique.  Written row by row instructions follow with color pixel graph below.

w: White, pi: pink, y: yellow, b: Black  

Row 1 (WS): 1w  
Row 2: 2w  
Row 3: 1w,  1(pi), 1w  
Row 4: 1w,  2(pi), 1w  
Row 5: 2w,  2(pi), 1w  
Row 6: 1w,  3(pi), 2w  
Row 7: 3w,  3(pi), 1w  
Row 8: 2w,  1(pi), 1y,  1(pi), 3w  
Row 9: 3w,  1(pi), 2y,  1(pi), 2w  
Row 10: 2w,  2(pi), 1y,  1(pi), 4w  
Row 11: 4w,  5(pi), 2w  
Row 12: 3w,  4(pi), 5w  
Row 13: 5w,  5(pi), 3w  
Row 14: 4w,  4(pi), 1w, 1b, 4w  
Row 15: 4w, 2b,  2(pi), 1y,  2(pi), 4w  
Row 16: 1w,  3(pi), 1w,  1(pi), 2y,  1(pi), 2b, 5w  
Row 17: 6w, 2b,  1(pi), 1y,  6(pi), 1w  
Row 18: 1w,  4(pi), 1y,  3(pi), 2b,  4(pi), 3w  
Row 19: 1w,  7(pi), 2b,  2(pi), 2y,  1(pi), 1y,  2(pi), 1w  
Row 20: 2w,  1(pi), 2y,  1(pi), 1y,  2(pi), 2b,  4(pi), 1y,  3(pi), 1w

Corner (begin decreasing)  

Row 21: 1w,  2(pi), 2y,  2(pi), 1y,  1(pi), 2b,  4(pi), 1y,  2(pi), 1w
Row 22: 1w,  6(pi), 2b,  1(pi), 2y,  2(pi), 1y,  2(pi), 1w  
Row 23: 1w,  5(pi), 1y,  2(pi), 2b, 6w  
Row 24: 5w, 2b,  8(pi), 1w  
Row 25: 2w,  7(pi), 4b, 2w  
Row 26: 4w, 1b, 1w,  1(pi), 1y,  4(pi), 2w  
Row 27: 5w, 2y,  1(pi), 5w  
Row 28: 3w, 1b, 1w,  1(pi), 1y,  1(pi), 4w  
Row 29: 3w,  4(pi), 4w  
Row 30: 2w, 1b, 1w,  3(pi), 3w  
Row 31: 2w,  2(pi), 1y,  1(pi), 3w  
Row 32: 3w, 2y,  1(pi), 2w  
Row 33: 1w,  2(pi), 1y,  1(pi), 2w  
Row 34: 2w,  3(pi), 1w  
Row 35: 1w,  3(pi), 1w  
Row 36: 1w,  2(pi), 1w  
Row 37: 3w  
Row 38: 2w  
Row 39: 1w  

Once last row is worked, turn, ch 1, sc evenly around outside edge of square, working (sc, ch 2, sc) in each corner, sl st to top of 1st st.  Note:  each pixel square will have alternating 2 sc or 3 sc along the edge.  

Fasten off.  

Weave in ends.

Butterfly C2C Square Easter Blanket Graphgan Crochet a Long
Butterfly C2C Pixel Graph
Butterfly C2C Square Easter Blanket Graphgan Crochet a Long (CAL)
Butterfly C2C Square Easter Blanket Graphgan Crochet a Long (CAL)
Butterfly C2C Square free crochet pattern


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