Mattress Stitch Invisible Flat Join in Crochet and Knit

Sep 23, 2021 | Tutorials

The Mattress Stitch flat join is a super easy invisible join method for crochet and knit projects. This complete photo and video tutorial for the Mattress Stitch will show you every step for the perfect way to join granny squares, corner to corner blocks, sew hat seams, sew pieces of your wearable projects together and so much more!

The Mattress Stitch is so easy – a beginner-friendly way to sew an invisible join. Perfect for standard crochet, tunisian crochet or knit projects!

I use this method in several of my previous crochet projects. I used this to join the squares for my Sea Life C2C Blanket, joining granny squares for my Ferris Wheel Hat, Ferris Wheel Scarf and the Sedona Ruana as well as joining the triangles for my Triangle Trio Boho Vest! Honestly, this is my “go-to” invisible join for projects. Adds zero bulk and it is also reversible – looks the same from both sides of your project! I am currently using this method to join the squares for my Flower Medley blanket as well.

Honestly, if there is just one join method you learn – this one is it!

For my tutorial I am using a contrasting color so you can easily see the stitches as well as how invisible the end result is.

Learn the Mattress Stitch

Even using a contrasting color as shown below creates a near-invisible join! You only see a few bits of color peeping through. With a coordinating color it would be absolutely invisible!

Invisible Join Mattress Stitch

In the photos I am joining granny squares together using the Mattress Stitch but the method would be the same regardless of project. For an invisible seam you will want to use the same color yarn as your project in order to make the join as invisible as possible.

Invisible Join Mattress Stitch

I also have a complete video tutorial for you as well. You can find it here on my blog but if you are unable to see the video due to ad-blockers you can also find the video on YouTube.  Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get notified whenever I post a new video.

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Mattress Stitch Photo Tutorial

Time needed: 10 minutes

Mattress Stitch Tutorial

  1. Place right side of project facing out or wrong sides together. Place yarn on your tapestry needle.

    With the v’s of the top of your stitches lining up, bring needle from wrong side under the v’s and work back and forth across the stitches.mattress stitch process 1

  2. Continue working back and forth under the v’s from the wrong side of your project. Be sure to work in the stitches directly opposite of each other.

    mattress stitch process 2

  3. You may find it easier to keep a few of your stitches loose.

    mattress stitch process 3

  4. After a few stitches, tighten by pulling gently on your yarn.

    Invisible Join Mattress Stitch

I hope you found this tutorial helpful – thank you so much for being here! Do you have other “go-to” join methods that you frequently use? Let me know in the comments below – I love to hear from my readers!

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Invisible Join Mattress Stitch


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