Crochet Fringe Edging | Learn how to add a Knotted Fringe

Feb 16, 2023 | Tutorials

Learn how to add crochet fringe edging to any project with this knotted fringe tutorial by Nana’s Crafty Home!

crochet fringe edging knotted fringe tutorial

A knotted fringe is a decorative element made by tying knots in the yarn strands from fringe on the edges of shawls, scarves, cardigans, cowls or blankets. The knots can then be left loose or trimmed to create a uniform or for a more tapered effect. Knotted fringes can add texture, dimension, and visual interest to a variety of projects.

Even plain unknotted fringe can add an extra fun element to any crochet or knitted project.  I have used fringe for several of my crochet projects including the Mountain Trail Tweed Blanket, Marjorie Pocket Scarf, Ferris Wheel Granny Square Scarf, Painted Desert Scarf, Falling Leaves Cowl, Unicorn C2C Scarf and many more.  That’s a lot of fun fringe!

My Triangle Trio Vest design is the first project in which I used a knotted fringe which added an extra unique spin on the traditional fringe and upped the boho factor.

I will be releasing a new scarf pattern in the next few days which will have the Knotted Fringe addition as well.

Adding fringe to your project is a great way to eliminate the need for an elaborate and time consuming border pattern.  The easiest border is no border!

This knotted fringe is much easier than it may look and I think it definitely offers a unique twist especially if you are bored of adding the same old fringe to your projects!

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Crochet Fringe Edging | Knotted Fringe Details

The knotted fringe starts out with a standard fringe along the edge of your project.  If you need to learn how to add fringe you can check out my complete photo and video tutorial for this technique.  In order to add fringe I find it easier if you have a large crochet hook to pull through the yarn strands.

I have a complete photo tutorial as well as a complete video tutorial to help you through each step of this crochet fringe edging. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get notified whenever I post a new video.

How long does my fringe need to be?

This is one of the most common questions I receive.  In order to knot your fringe you will need to add extra length to your fringe.  I would recommend a minimum of 12″ for your yarn strands.  Remember, the yarn strands are folded in half when you are creating your fringe which means your finished fringe will be 6″ before you knot.  You want enough length to add the knot plus make allowance for any trimming you may need to do at the end to make them all even.

12″ yarn strands = 6″ fringe

14″ yarn strands = 7″ fringe

16″ yarn strands = 8″ fringe

crochet fringe edging knotted fringe tutorial

How many yarn strands to I need for each fringe?

Two answers here – depends on how thick the yarn you are working with is and how thick you want your finished fringe.  Regardless, you will need an even number of strands for each fringe for equal thickness in your finished knotted fringe.

Once you have decided on the yarn strand length, cut several strands to the specified length.  Take 4 strands and fold them over – this will be the thickness of a finished fringe with 4 strands of yarn.  Try several different amounts of yarn strands always starting with an even number.  Once you have achieved the desired thickness with 4, 6, 8, 10 strands you are ready to begin.

Add your fringe with the desired length & number of yarn strands evenly across the edge of your project.  Don’t worry about trimming the fringe at this point – wait until you have knotted your fringe before trimming!

You can begin working on your knotted fringe from any corner – left or right.  The corners will be worked slightly differently than the remaining fringe.  The photos below show how to work from right to left and the video tutorial shows how to work the knotted fringe from left to right so you can see it from both directions.

Knotted Fringe Photo tutorial

knotted fringe tutorial proces 1

For the corner fringe you will use all the strands in the fringe to begin. You will separate the fringe next to it into two with an even number of yarn strands. So if you have 8 strands of yarn you will have your fringe separated into 4 strands of yarn.

knotted fringe tutorial proces 1

The 4 strands on the left will be placed over your left hand.  Fold the 8 strands from the corner fringe over the top of the 4 strands on your hand keeping a finger or fingers in the center of the fringe.  

knotted fringe tutorial process 3

With your right hand grab the bottom end of the 8 strands and bring around to the front and push the end of the 8 strands down into the center of the loop created – where your fingers are placed.

knotted fringe tutorial process 4

Pull the 8 strands gently to create a knot and manipulate the knot to the desired location before completely tightening the knot.  First knot created!

knotted fringe tutorial process 5

For the second knot take the remaining 4 yarn strands from the second fringe, separate the third fringe into two and repeat the same steps.  

knotted fringe tutorial process 6

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crochet fringe edging knotted fringe tutorial


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