Heart C2C Child Apron free crochet pattern

Feb 10, 2020 | Crochet patterns

Here is a cute Valentine’s Day Heart C2C Child’s Apron – a free crochet pattern at Nana’s Crafty Home. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your little chef!

Heart C2C Child Apron free crochet pattern

I have several granddaughters that love to help out in the kitchen so I wanted to design a Valentine’s Day apron for them. And what could be better than a Heart Apron? They will look so adorable serving up pancakes for the family on Valentine’s Day in their Heart C2C Apron!

This Heart C2C Apron is made from 2 C2C panels that are sewn together to create the apron shape then adding tie straps and a neck strap – so easy!

This Heart Apron works up really quickly in Red Heart’s With Love yarn*. A sturdy yet soft medium #4 worsted weight acrylic which will hold up to washing well. Cause you know it’s going to need it. ?

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Heart C2C Child Apron free crochet pattern

I used the mini (hdc) C2C crochet technique for the apron and if you aren’t familiar with this technique I have all the tutorials you need! Links provided below. 

Mini C2C (hdc) technique

Basic C2C Stitch Tutorial

Changing Colors in C2C

How to Carry Colors in C2C

Heart C2C Child Apron free crochet pattern

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If you would like to duplicate the set shown in the photo above you can find both the chef’s hat and the Valentine’s Day Heart spatula at Amazon – a wonderful gift set!

Heart C2C Child Apron free crochet pattern

Heart C2C Child Apron Free Crochet Pattern

Pattern written in US crochet terminology


Red Heart With Love White 4 oz / 215 yds (w) (Color A)
Red Heart With Love Holly Berry 3 oz / 160 yds (r) (Color B)

Size J/10.5 (6.0 mm) crochet hook

Stitch Markers (optional – for sewing on straps)

Tapestry needle

Approximate finished size: 20″ wide x 19″ tall (not including straps) . Fits approximately child sizes 6 – 10.

Gauge: 7 blocks = 4″


w = white
r = red
WS = wrong side
RS = right side
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
st = stitch
hdc = half double crochet

Notes about pattern:  Top and bottom panels of apron are worked in Half Double Crochet (hdc) Mini Corner to Corner (C2C) Crochet technique.  Written row by row instructions follow with color pixel graph at bottom of post.

Top Panel

w = white / r = red

→ Row 1 (WS): 1w  
← Row 2 (RS): 1w, 1r  
→ Row 3: 2r, 1w  
← Row 4: 1w, 3r  
→ Row 5: 4r, 1w  
← Row 6: 1w, 5r  
→ Row 7: 5r, 2w  
← Row 8: 2w, 6r  
→ Row 9: 6r, 3w  
← Row 10: 3w, 7r  

Corner (begin decreasing)

→ Row 11: 7r, 3w  
← Row 12: 2w, 8r  
→ Row 13: 8r, 2w  
← Row 14: 2w, 8r  
→ Row 15: 4r, 6w  
← Row 16: 5w, 5r  
→ Row 17: 5r, 5w  
← Row 18: 4w, 6r  
→ Row 19: 6r, 4w  
← Row 20: 3w, 7r  
→ Row 21: 1w, 6r, 3w  

Corner (begin decreasing)  

← Row 22: 2w, 6r, 1w  
→ Row 23: 1w, 5r, 2w  
← Row 24: 2w, 4r, 1w  
→ Row 25: 6w  
← Row 26: 5w  
→ Row 27: 4w  
← Row 28: 3w  
→ Row 29: 2w  
← Row 30: 1w  

Bottom Panel

→ Row 1 (WS): 1w  
← Row 2 (RS): 2w  
→ Row 3: 3w  
← Row 4: 4w  
→ Row 5: 5w  
← Row 6: 6w  
→ Row 7: 7w  
← Row 8: 8w  
→ Row 9: 9w  
← Row 10: 10w  
→ Row 11: 11w  
← Row 12: 12w  
→ Row 13: 13w  
← Row 14: 14w  
→ Row 15: 15w  
← Row 16: 16w  
→ Row 17: 17w  
← Row 18: 18w  
→ Row 19: 19w  
← Row 20: 20w  
→ Row 21: 21w  
← Row 22: 22w  

Corner (begin decreasing)

→ Row 23: 22w  
← Row 24: 22w  
→ Row 25: 22w  
← Row 26: 22w  
→ Row 27: 22w  
← Row 28: 22w  
→ Row 29: 12w, 10r  
← Row 30: 9r, 13w  
→ Row 31: 13w, 9r  
← Row 32: 8r, 14w  
→ Row 33: 14w, 8r  

Corner (begin decreasing)  

← Row 34: 7r, 14w  
→ Row 35: 13w, 7r  
← Row 36: 6r, 13w  
→ Row 37: 12w, 6r  
← Row 38: 5r, 12w  
→ Row 39: 11w, 5r  
← Row 40: 4r, 11w  
→ Row 41: 10w, 4r  
← Row 42: 3r, 10w  
→ Row 43: 9w, 3r  
← Row 44: 2r, 9w  
→ Row 45: 8w, 2r  
← Row 46: 1r, 8w  
→ Row 47: 7w, 1r  
← Row 48: 7w  
→ Row 49: 6w  
← Row 50: 5w  
→ Row 51: 4w  
← Row 52: 3w  
→ Row 53: 2w  
← Row 54: 1w  

Ties & Neck Strap (Make 3)

Row 1:  With Color B, ch 5, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across to end.  Turn (4)

Row 2 – 47:  ch 1, sc in each st.  Turn (4)

Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing.

With Color B and RS of panels facing, sew top and bottom panels together as shown in diagram below.

Note:  After Top and Bottom Panel are sewn together but before sewing straps to apron, With Color A, sc evenly around outside edge of both bottom and top panels. Note:  to sc evenly around mini hdc c2c blocks, work 2 sc across a short block and 3 sc across a long block.  Essentially working a total of 5 sc over 2 hdc blocks.  A block is one set of 3 stitches (2 hdc + 1 ch 2).

Assemble pieces and sew together as shown in diagram below:  Sew tie straps approximately down 1/2” from top corners of bottom panel and neck strap approximately 2” in from top corners of top panel.

Heart C2C Child Apron free crochet pattern
Sew neck straps approximately 2″ in from top corners of Top Panel on both sides
Heart C2C Child Apron free crochet pattern
Heart C2C Child Apron free crochet pattern
Top Panel Graph
Heart C2C Child Apron free crochet pattern
Bottom Panel Graph
Heart C2C Child Apron free crochet pattern


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