Best Gifts For the Crocheter for 2023

Nov 20, 2023 | Reviews

This list of the best gifts for the crocheter is going to provide you with my very favorite products and my must-have items for every crocheter!  Perfect as a gift guide for a significant other or as a wish list for every crocheter!  These are a few of my favorite things as gifts for the crocheter. 😊

Plus I have scoured the internet for all the best Black Friday deals for 2023 so you can have all the best yarn and craft deals available right in one post.

Ultimate gift list for crocheters

*This post contains affiliate links.  You can click on any yarn or material highlighted to purchase.  I will receive a small commission if you purchase but it won’t cost you any extra!  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

All of the items on this list of gifts for the crocheter would make fantastic gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day or Anniversaries! 

I have two separate gift guides below. The first set focuses on more practical gifts for the crocheter while the second half focuses on fun, whimsical wish list items that are more unique items. Something for everyone in these lists!

Top 10 favorite must-have best gifts for the crocheter:

gifts for the crocheter clover amour hook set
Photo credit Clover/Amazon

1. Clover Amour crochet hooks:  Hands down these are my must have go-to crochet hooks.  Amour Crochet Hooks are incredibly soft and allow the yarn to slide through the stitches without any effort. As you can imagine, I spend a LOT of hours crocheting every week.  I used to have wrist and hand pain before I started using these hooks – not any more!  I have so many different brands of crochet hooks in my home but I will hunt these down 😉. Right now a complete set of these 10 ergonomic crochet hook sizes from B (2.25 mm) to J (6.0 mm) is less than $40 – an amazing deal! 

Gifts for the crocheter Neck light
Photo credit Glocusent / Amazon

2. LED Neck Reading Light: My living room doesn’t have any over head lighting and during the winter it can get quite dark in the evening.  This neck light has been a real eye saver!  With 6 brightness levels, bendable arms and being easily rechargeable makes this one of my very favorite things!  Perfect for reading, too! Currently listed as a Black Friday deal for 2023 current price is 37% off the regular price and now just $18.99! What a deal!

gifts for the crocheter Clover tassel makers
Photo credit Clover / Amazon

3. Clover Tassel Makers: I make a ton of tassels and these tassel makers are so easy to use!  Every tassel is perfect every single time!  And, this bundle of 2 combine to make up to 8 different sizes of tassels from small to large.

gifts for the crochter Clover Pom Pom Makers
Photo credit Clover / Amazon

4. Clover Pom Pom Makers: I used to hate making pom poms because they always seemed to fall apart.  Not any more!  The Clover pom pom makers are so easy to use and make a uniform beautiful pom pom every time!  And, this bundle of 4 will make 7 different sizes from extra small 3/4″ to x-large 4 1/2″ pom pom!  

gifts for the crocheter Standwood large yarn winder
Photo credit Stanwood / Amazon

5. Large Stanwood Yarn Ball Winder:  I use a lot of self-striping cakes in my designs and many of my one-cake designs will use each end of the cake to create beautiful and unique color work.  Splitting my cake into two cakes is easy peasy with my large Standwood Yarn Winder.  Works great for managing your beautiful hanks of yarn as well. And the large model will hold a massive 10 oz! I have been using mine for years and it still works beautifully.  Added bonus – the grandkids love helping me use it 😊.

6. Denise Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Set: If you love Tunisian crochet this is the very BEST Tunisian crochet hook set I have found.  So easy to use and the hooks absolutely slide through the stitches so easily – like butter!  

There are several different sets available for purchase shown below:

gifts for the crocheter Tunisian Crochet Hook Set small
Photo Credit Denise Interchangeables / Amazon

Set of 6 interchangeable crochet hook sizes: F, G, H, I & J: US F5/3.75 mm, G6/4 mm, 7/4.5 mm, H8/5 mm, I9/5.5 mm, and J10/6 mm interchangeable crochet hook kit. Build Tunisian crochet hooks from 8 to 19 inches (or up to 28 inches with cords joined) from the 4 cords included: 3, 5, 9, and 14 inches.

gifts for the crocheter Tunisian Crochet Hook Set large hooks
Photo credit Denise Interchangeables / Amazon

Set of 6 interchangeable crochet hook sizes K, L, M, N, 12 mm & 15 mm. Includes 6 interchangeable crochet hook sizes: US K10.5/6.5 mm, L11/8 mm, M13/9 mm, N15/10 mm, 17/12 mm, 19/15 mm. Build Tunisian crochet hooks from 8 to 19 inches (or up to 28 inches with cords joined) from the 4 cords included: 3, 5, 9, and 14 inches.

There is also a set of 20 hooks in a pretty watercolor case but it is a bit more expensive than purchasing the individual sets above together. And, the 20 hooks in the kit consist of 2 each of sizes F – N and doesn’t have the two largest sizes 12 mm & 15 mm in the case at all. However, that case is very pretty!

Clover Jumbo stitch markers
Photo credit Clover / Amazon

7. Clover Jumbo Locking Stitch Markers: Frankly I can’t seem to have enough stitch markers.  I have a stash by my chair, a stash in my craft room, a stash in my project bag for to-go projects and I still keep buying more.  And these jumbo size stitch markers are big enough to be used even with super bulky yarn.  They are flexible – no more snapping in 2 pieces – I hate it when that happens!

Crochet hat template set
Photo credit The Lillie Pad / Etsy

8. Crochet Hat Templates: If you love making top-down beanie hats but struggle with sizing and getting a finished hat that fits – this is the template set for you!  This set of crochet hat making templates enables you to crochet hats in any size using any yarn weight and hook size more accurately and efficiently than ever before especially if you don’t like dealing with a gauge swatch!  Hoorah!  An 11 piece set of durable, flexible plastic templates that covers hat sizes from Newborn Baby to Adult XL!

Maple Quad Fringe Maker
The Knit Store / Etsy

9. Fringe Twister with table clamp: Another one of those “please make my life easier” must-have items!  If you love the look of twisted fringe for your blankets, wraps, scarves or really anything this little gadget will change your life!  I love mine and I know it will last forever!

gifts for the crocheter Yarn Bobbin Holder
Photo credit Chetnanigans / Etsy

10. Yarn Bobbin Holder: I don’t actually have this yarn bobbin holder but my husband made me something similar and it has made my color work so much easier!  This bobbin holder comes with 6 spindles (12 wooden discs included), a single bobbin rack and a beautiful red oak magnetic base to hold your Bobbin Holder / Rack in place while while working. Each spindle holds about 32 yards of #4 yarn, so you can store up to 200 yards of yarn on one Bobbin Holder / Rack! The magnets on the top and bottom of your Bobbin Holder / Rack allow you to simply “flip it over” every time that your pattern calls for you to turn your work. Your yarn will glide off smoothly and with ease as the stainless steel pins effortlessly glide in their assigned holes.

Wow – all 10 of these amazing products would the perfect gift!  And, if you pair these with a gift card for yarn you will be the most amazing of gift givers 😉.  Because even if you think a crocheter has enough yarn I can tell you – they never have enough yarn!

More ideas for gifts for the crocheter

gifts for the crocheter Hooked Project Planner
Photo Credit Sigoni Macaroni / Etsy

Hooked on planning crochet project organizer: Hooked on Planning is not your typical planner. It is the ultimate crochet project planner for makers. With its thoughtfully designed layout, this all-in-one printable planner has everything you need from project planning to cheat sheets. This is a downloadable & printable planner and the perfect way to keep all of your WIPs (works in process) organized!

gifts for the crocheter Stitch markers with hook size
Photo credit Art 101 Knoxville / Etsy

Stitch Markers with Hook Size: I don’t know about you, but I typically have multiple projects going at once and I love having a way to mark my project with the hook size I am using just in case I forget (even though I should be adding that info to my project organizer!). Now I can come back to that project even months later and know exactly which hook size I used!

Custom No Sew Personalized Faux Leather Tags: A wonderful way to brand your crochet business or add a personalized touch to your handmade items!

Crochet & Color A coloring book for crocheters by Juniper & Oakes: When I am not crocheting I love to color or put puzzles together. Both of these activities are a great way for me to unwind and let my brain rest. And what could be better than coloring in a crochet themed coloring book? My friend Erin has published a brand new coloring book this year aimed at crocheters and what fun it is! And it would be a great way to try color combinations you may want to check out in action before buying your yarn!

And speaking of puzzles, this one by Ravensburger is so adorable! Titled “The Happy Sheep Yarn Shop” this colorful and happy puzzle is definitely going on my Amazon Wish list for Christmas!

gifts for the crocheter funny t-shirt
Photo credit Amazon

Funny crochet t-shirts make great gifts! My husband bought me this one “That’s What I Do I Read Books I Crochet and I know Things” and it has become one of my favorites! I read a lot – when I get the chance! – and my kitty Lucky is one of my loves so when he saw this shirt’s saying he knew it was the one! There are so many different shirts out there with different crochet sayings – you are sure to find one that fits you or your loved one perfectly!

Another great idea would be a subscription to crochet magazine like Annie’s Crochet World.  Give the gift of new patterns all year round!

Yarn tote organizer

Yarn Tote Organizer: How about a tote bag to hold all the things?  This amazing bag has 6 compartments with holes on the top will keep your yarn from tangling and the clear top allows you to see what’s inside!  Keep your hooks and supplies organized – no more hunting for your hook!

The following items below didn’t make my must-have crochet gift list because not every crocheter would use them but definitely make my list of must-haves!

3″ acrylic craft ring: this acrylic ring for crafters is just the right size for all 18 of my crochet towel topper patterns and it is really very affordable at less than $10 for 12 rings.  I always have a stash of these on hand because you just never know when you might need to make a quick towel topper!

Wood bag handles: I used these handles for my Bonjour Belle Bag and they would be perfect for other market bags as well!

Wood Rings: I love these wooden rings and used them in my Modern Ring Towel Holder.  Great for so many different projects!

This last item is not necessarily a crocheter specific item, but I wanted to add this one on because it has changed my crochet life!

Silver Miracles Colloidal Silver Cream: I suffer from dry hands all year long but in the winter my hands get terribly painful.  Red, burning, cracks and bleeding from November through March.  I have struggled finding a product that will allow me to crochet and create tutorials throughout the winter.  No one wants to see dry red and rough hands up close in a video!  This amazing product has absolutely changed my life!  Within 24 hours of first applying, the burning in my hands disappeared, the redness is fading and the my skin seems to be repairing.  Now, of course this may not be the case for everyone but since my experience was so positive I definitely wanted to share!

Black Friday Offers

Enrollment is now open for Crochetpreneur Business Academy for only a few days! If you are interested in growing (or starting!) your crochet business, this premier program that’s transforming crochet enthusiasts into profitable business owners is just for you! With over 1,000 members, they’re leading a movement of empowerment and elevating the art of crochet to new heights. (affiliate): https://nanascraftyhome–

Yarn Sales Black Friday 2023

Joann’s is having a massive yarn sale today with many many yarn brands hugely discounted! For example, Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick is a doorbuster deal for just $4.99 per skein! And for items that are on sale but NOT a doorbuster item, add coupon like Lion Brand Hometown – use code HAPPYSHOP for an additional 20% discount plus flat shipping of just $3.99! If you order more than $75.00 you get FREE shipping! So many brands on sale

I hope you enjoyed my ultimate guide to gifts for the crocheter! Do you have a favorite product you use that would make another crocheter skip for joy? Let me know all about it!

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Ultimate gift list for crocheters


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