Choose the right self-striping yarn cakes for your multi-cake projects!

Jun 2, 2020 | Tutorials

Here is a helpful guide to how to choose the right self-striping yarn cakes for your multi-cake yarn projects!

Choose self-striping yarn cakes multi cake projects

I was recently asked to create a video for Happily Hooked Magazine* for them to share with their followers and I was so honored & excited to be asked! I also know many of you also have a love of self-striping yarn cakes and wanted to share these tips and tricks with you as well. I hope you find it helpful! You will find the video tutorial at the bottom of this post.

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Ever since yarn cakes hit the stores a few years ago I haven’t looked back. ❤️  There are so many versions of the yarn cake now from almost every large yarn company.  Of course, there are the original Caron Cakes, Lion Brand Mandala, Bernat Pop!, Sugarwheel from Hobby Lobby, and so many more!  Do you have any personal favorites you are consistently drawn to?  So much yarn so little time, right?

Why Choose Self-Striping Yarn Cakes?

So many crocheters love color work but hate weaving in ends – and I definitely fit into that camp! ? It also removes the headache of choosing yarn colors as all of the color choices are made for you. All you have to do is find the colorways that suit you as well as the perfect pattern for a self-striping cake and you are all set to go!

One of the things that I am asked a lot is, “How do I pick the right cakes for my projects especially if the pattern calls for more than one cake?”  This has become more of a problem since self-striping cakes have become popular.  In the “old days” in order to change colors we had to cut the old and start the new skein.  It is a whole new world today!  Creates unique challenges when we want the best looking end project as possible.  Yarn is expensive and time is precious so why would I want a less than appealing project when I am finished?

I have designed several crochet patterns using self-striping yarn. The Spring Me Forward Scarf used 2 cakes of Lion Brand Mandala Baby cakes . By using the method I outline below you can’t tell where one cake ends and the other begins – without cutting colors!

If you love self-striping yarns these free crochet patterns may be perfect for you:

  1. Pineapple of My Eye Blanket
  2. Wrap Me in Sunshine Blanket
  3. Aurora Skies Baby Blanket

How to choose the best self-striping yarn cakes for your multi-cake projects!

When I am in the store and I know my project will need two or more cakes I pay attention to the colors at the beginning and at the end of each cake.  See picture below of two cake examples:

If you are pulling from the center of your cakes you will notice that the cake on the left ends with a small amount of tan around the outside edge. This is the yarn color we will be ending our cake with. The cake on the right starts with a small bit of tan with the center pull. So, these cakes would be perfect for a 2 cake project as the cake change will be seamless.

Choose self-striping yarn cakes multi cake projects Caron Cakes

However, looking at the two cakes below, pay attention to how the one on the left ends and the one on the right begins. The cake on the left ends with brown and the cake on the right starts with grey. We are looking for a cake that would be transitioning from brown to teal then gold. These cakes would not be ideal for a multi-cake project.

Choose self-striping yarn cakes multi cake projects Mandala

Also, since I am doing this work at the store for a specific project that I may not start on immediately, (if I can stop myself! ?) I will go ahead and mark the cakes in the order they should go in my project 1, 2, 3, etc. Then I put the cakes together in a large ziplock bag or a plastic sack together with a copy of the written pattern instructions. That way I know in the future these cakes were purchased for that project and are all ready to go when I am ready to get it on my hook!

Choose self-striping yarn cakes multi cake projects Caron Cakes bagged

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Choose self-striping yarn cakes multi cake projects Caron Cakes Pinterest


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