Tunisian Crochet Ribbing Photo & Video Tutorial

Oct 22, 2020 | Tutorials

Learn how to crochet Tunisian Crochet Ribbing with this complete tutorial by Nana’s Crafty Home!

Tunisian Crochet Ribbing Tutorial

Tunisian Crochet Ribbing is created by combining the Tunisian Knit Stitch with the Tunisian Purl Stitch. The end result looks like standard knit ribbing!

I will be showing you a ribbing combination of 1 tps (Tunisian Purl Stitch) + 2 tks (Tunisian Knit Stitch). However, you could choose to work any combination of these stitches together to create your own ribbing – 2 purl + 2 knit; 2 purl + 3 knit, etc. Just remember to work your foundation row with the corresponding multiples + 2.

For a combination of 1 purl + 2 knit I will want to have a foundation row in multiples of 3 (1 tps + 2 tks) and then add 2 for the foundation row as the 1st and last stitch of each row will be standard stitches.

Tunisian Crochet ribbing is not as stretchy as standard crochet ribbing so you will typically want to add this ribbing when you don’t need a lot of stretch in your project. I am using this ribbing for an upcoming Tunisian Crochet hat pattern and it worked just fine – but I account for the lack of stretch when working my foundation chain.

By working the Tunisian Knit stitch with the Purl Stitch, the curl really gets tamed as well which makes this combination of stitches a great option for the beginning and end border of a blanket as well.

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I also have the complete photo & video tutorials for both the Tunisian Knit and Purl Stitches available if you want to check those out to give you more details about the stitches.

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Tunisian Crochet Ribbing Tutorial

Tunisian Crochet Ribbing Photo Tutorial


Red Heart Chic Sheep Suede

Tunisian Crochet Hook Size J (6.0 mm)


yo = yarn over
st(s) = stitch(es)
tps = Tunisian purl stitch
tks = Tunisian knit stitch

To resize pattern: work foundation row in multiples of 3 + 2

Time needed: 1 hour

Tunisian Crochet Purl Stitch Tutorial

  1. Row 1 Foundation Row

    Work a standard Tunisian foundation row. See my Tunisian Knit Stitch tutorial for information on how to crochet a foundation row in Tunisian Crochet.Tunisian Crochet Ribbing Tutorial process 1

  2. Row 2 Purl / Knit Stitch Ribbing

    Forward Pass – *tps in next st, Tunisian Crochet Ribbing Tutorial process 2

  3. (continue forward pass) tks in next 2 sts,* repeat between * * to last st.

    Tunisian Crochet Ribbing Tutorial process 3

  4. Continue forward pass.

    Tunisian Crochet Ribbing Tutorial process 4

  5. Reverse pass

    yo, pull through 1 loop, *yo, pull through 2 loops* repeat between * * until 1 loop remaining on hook.

Continue repeating row 2 to desired size.

Tunisian Crochet Ribbing Tutorial


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