How to crochet the “Knit” Waistcoat or Center Single Crochet (csc) Stitch Tutorial

May 20, 2020 | Tutorials

Learn how to crochet a “knit” look stitch with this tutorial! Also called the Waistcoat or Center Single Crochet (csc) stitch.

Waistcoat Crochet Knit Stitch flat lay

I recently designed the Cat Cuddler Travel Neck Pillow which has a cute cat face made from a graph – pattern coming soon! The Waistcoat “Knit” Crochet stitch is the perfect stitch for taking a graph to crochet.

Cat Cuddler Travel Neck Pillow Free Crochet Pattern
Cat Cuddler Pillow free crochet pattern coming soon!

I have always loved the look of knit but for some reason I just never “took” to knit like I did to crochet. My wonderful “Aunt” Dorothy was a master crocheter, knitter and seamstress and she taught me all of these crafts when I was a child. And even though I did learn how to knit as well, I just always gravitated back to crochet. Every once in a while I dip my toe back into the knitting world and I keep telling myself I need to spend more time there – maybe one day! In the meantime I will explore crochet options that give me a knit appearance – faux knit if you will! ?

The Waistcoat Crochet Stitch can take a bit longer to grow your project since it is worked into the leg of the single crochet from your previous row or round so you are really only “growing” by half a stitch each row. However, the end result is so worth it – your crochet now looks like knit!

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Waistcoat Crochet Knit Stitch in the round

Waistcoat “Knit” Crochet Stitch or Center Single Crochet Stitch (csc) row by row and in the round Tutorials


Bernat Maker Home Dec

Size N (9.0 mm) crochet hook


ch = chain
sc = single crochet
csc = center single crochet


  • This stitch needs to be worked loosely. I recommend going up at least 1 hook size from the recommended hook size for the yarn you choose. The yarn I am using recommends a size 8 mm hook and I am using a 9 mm hook.
  • When working row by row I do not recommend working a chain 1 at the beginning of each row. Since you are only growing by approximately a 1/2 stitch each row you really don’t need to chain 1 at the beginning. This will make your ends look cleaner without the bulk from the chain 1.

Stitch is worked with any number of chains + 1 for the foundation chain.

Sample = 20 chains

Instructions for working Waistcoat Crochet Stitch or Center Single Crochet Stitch row by row.

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch to end. Turn.

Row 2: csc in each st to end. Turn.

Continue repeating row 2 to size desired in pattern.

In the round tutorial:

Sample: 20 chains

Round 1: Without twisting chain, sc in 1st chain made and in each ch to end.

Round 2: csc in 1st st of previous round and in each st around.

Continue repeating round 2 to size desired in pattern.

Waistcoat Crochet Knit Stitch in the round explanation
Waistcoat Crochet Knit Stitch Pinterest Collage


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