How to Sew the Top of a Crochet or Knit Hat Closed

Feb 3, 2021 | Tutorials

Learn how to sew the top of a crochet or knit hat closed with this complete tutorial by Nana’s Crafty Home!

How to sew top of crochet hat closed tutorial

Several of the free hat patterns I have on my blog are either worked from the bottom up or worked as flat rectangles which are folded, seamed and then sewn shut at the top.

I have had several readers asked for a tutorial detailing how I close the top of my hats. This tutorial will work for both types of patterns – those worked from the bottom up in the round or seamed as well as those worked side to side as a rectangle shape which is folded and seamed.

This technique is so easy and can be used with either knit or crochet hats!

I have a complete photo tutorial shown below with instructions but for you visual learners, I provided a complete video tutorial as well.

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How to Sew the Top of a Crochet or Knit Hat Closed Tutorial

Once your hat is complete, folded together and sewn up the side; make sure your hat is wrong side facing out before you begin.

Using the remainder of the yarn you used for the side seam make a small knot with your yarn and needle. This will make sure that when you pull the top of your hat closed it will not pull the yarn from the side seam which would cause it to bunch.

Note: If you are closing the top of a hat worked from the bottom up in the round, either leave a long end for sewing the top of the hat closed when fastening off your work or add a long length of yarn to your needle. Before you begin weaving the top edge closed, leave enough length to weave in at the end. You will also make a knot before beginning so that you can pull the yarn without pulling the yarn through.

How to sew top of crochet hat closed tutorial

Now you are ready to sew the top of your hat closed. You will weave your needle with yarn attached throughout the top edge of your hat. Use the natural gaps from the beginning chains of a row or between stitches.

How to sew top of crochet hat closed tutorial

As you work around the top edge of the hat, start gently pulling the yarn which will start to close the top of the hat as you work.

How to sew top of crochet hat closed tutorial

Continue weaving needle around the top of the hat, gently pulling as you go until you reach the end (where you started).

How to sew top of crochet hat closed tutorial

Pull yarn firmly but not too hard – don’t break your yarn! The size of the “hole” or gap will depend upon how bulky the top of your hat is. The sample shown above is my Winter Park Hat which is made with bulky #5 weight yarn so the size of the hole is larger but still manageable!

With yarn still on your needle, begin sewing the top of the hat closed so that no visible gap or “hole” remains.

How to sew top of crochet hat closed tutorial

Before weaving in your end, turn your hat right side out to make sure you are happy with the finished result.

Once satisfied, weave in your end and your hat is now ready for a pom pom (or not – depending on your preference!).

How to sew top of crochet hat closed tutorial


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  1. Patricia Ruggiero

    Thanks for the very useful tip about tying a knot in the yarn at the top of the seam, before starting to close the top! As for closing the top, I was doing what you do but always thought I had made some mistake when there’d still be a small hole at the top. I’d sew it closed, of course, but always wondered if more experienced crocheters made tighter, neater closings with no hole remaining. Now I see that it’s normal to be left with a small hole in certain conditions, and that we just have to improvise a bit in sewing that small hole closed.

    • Tonya Bush

      I am so glad you found the tutorial helpful! 😊❤️