Crochet Girl Spring Gnome Towel Topper free crochet pattern

Mar 5, 2021 | Crochet patterns

The Crochet Girl Gnome Tower Topper is a free crochet pattern by Nana’s Crafty Home!

I thought it was about time that I shared how to crochet a girl gnome towel topper to match up with my Gnome Towel Topper! He seemed pretty lonely and grumpy to me…maybe now he can cheer up. 😂

Crochet Girl Spring Gnome Towel Topper free crochet pattern

Adding the braids are really very simple – no special tools to buy or use! All you are going to do is crochet up a base of single crochet stitches in your hat color, cut long yarn lengths for your braids, add those as fringe to the base or row of stitches, braid the yarn and knot – so easy!

Since the original Gnome Towel Toppers intended to make the white towel look like the gnome’s beard, if you use a flowery or printed towel it will make a lot of difference in the finished appearance of your girl gnome. I used a set of really cute and bright towels by Pioneer Woman – so pretty!

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I have a short video to show you the process which you can find below.   Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get notified whenever I post a new video. If you aren’t able to watch the video for the Girl Gnome Towel Topper on the blog, you can find it on my YouTube channel.

If you are new to the Gnome Towel Topper, you can find the free written crochet pattern on my blog. I also have a complete video tutorial for the Gnome Towel Topper for you visual learners. Before you begin on the braids you will use the original Gnome Towel Topper pattern and then just add the braids on to complete.

Crochet Girl Spring Gnome Towel Topper free crochet pattern

I get a lot of questions about the 3″ rings that I use for my Gnome Towel Topper as well as for all of my towel toppers. I purchased mine on Amazon* – they work perfectly and are inexpensive. However, for some reason they seem to sell out quickly. 😉 So, if you are having trouble getting them from Amazon, you can substitute with inexpensive plastic shower rings or even elastic hair ties – both have been used successfully by my makers.

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Crochet Girl Spring Gnome Towel Topper free crochet pattern

Girl Gnome Towel Topper adding Yarn Braids free pattern and tutorial

Pattern written in US crochet terminology


I Love This Cotton! Weight 4/Medium (100% Cotton)
Deep Turquoise .02 oz / 2 yds (Color A)
Buttercup .4 oz / 21 yds (Color B)

Crochet hook size H (5.0 mm)
Tapestry needle

Approximate finished size of braids: approximately 6” long after braiding


ch = chain
sc = single crochet
st = stitch

Recommended Tutorials:

Gnome Towel Topper Complete Video Tutorial

Pattern Notes:

This includes instructions for girl braids only. Refer to Gnome Towel Topper pattern for complete Gnome hat instructions.

Pattern Instructions

Braid base

With Color A (hat color), ch 7

Row 1:  1 sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch to end.  (6)

Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing to hat.  Weave in remaining end.


Cut 18 long pieces of Color B (braid color) approximately 19” long.  Take 3 strands of yarn and add to each stitch of base as fringe.   To form fringe, insert hook into 1st sc stitch of base, fold 3 strands of yarn in half, place fold of strands on hook, pull through stitch to form a loop, pull ends of fringe through loop and gently tighten to form fringe. Repeat for each of the 6 stitches of base.

To braid, separate yarn fringe into 3 sections of 12 strands of yarn per section.  Braid sections.

Use Color A (hat color) to tie a knot at the bottom of the braid and form a bow.

Trim braid as desired.

Repeat instructions for 2nd braid.  Trim braids to match.

Sew braid to hat

With long length of yarn left for sewing to hat, place braid base on the inside front edge of hat where desired.  Sew securely to inside of hat.  Repeat for 2nd braid – be sure braids match in placement!

Girl Gnome Braid Process 1
Girl Gnome Braid Process 2
Crochet Girl Spring Gnome Towel Topper free crochet pattern
Crochet Girl Spring Gnome Towel Topper free crochet pattern


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