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Nov 17, 2023 | Crochet patterns

This crochet dish towel is a free crochet pattern by Malloo and hosted by Nana’s Crafty Home!

Welcome to the guest designer series where talented crochet pattern designers from across the crochet world share their free patterns with you, right here on Nana’s Crafty Home!

crochet dish towel free pattern

Today Lou from Malloo is here with a free crochet dish towel pattern!  This simple yet elegant Scandinavian style kitchen dish towel adds beauty and functionality to your kitchen home decor.

This beautiful crochet kitchen towel pattern exhibits a simple yet elegant design, characteristic of Scandinavian minimalism.  Add a touch of nordic charm to your kitchen’s decor this Christmas! Change up the colors for year-round use!

And the best part is this pretty and functional towel is beginner-friendly using the same simple stitch throughout.  And if you need a little extra help, she has a stitch tutorial to guide you through.

Lou Malloo Knits

All about Lou!

I design simple crochet and knitting patterns, usually with lots of texture in the moody tones of brown and grey. 

I live in Greece with my husband and two young children. I usually draw my inspiration from nature and colder climates. 

I love the countryside of Scotland and the Highlands, and some of my designs are named after Scottish towns. 

From the moment I started crocheting it was made impossible for me to watch a movie without my hands being occupied by yarn. 

You can find her patterns at the following links:


dish towel free crochet pattern

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Easy Scandinavian crochet dish towel pattern

Have you ever wanted to infuse a touch of Nordic charm into your kitchen? This free crochet dish towel pattern will win you over with its simplicity and sophistication.

The contrasting stripes on a white towel echo the clean lines and understated elegance that define the Scandinavian design.

Plus, the colors were carefully chosen to embrace the Holiday season that is upon us. Wouldn’t that be perfect to hang to your oven door while your guests are arriving for the family dinner?

Crochet dish towels can also be a great hostess gift or even for your mother or aunt. They are so easy to make and practical.

Who doesn’t need an extra towel in the house?

dish towel free crochet pattern

I initially fell in love with crochet hand towels and dishcloths when I designed my Rustic Tea Towels Collection. My excitement was so big that I couldn’t contain myself in just one towel, I went ahead and made towels that I believe complement each other nicely.

Back to this new design, now. When I first saw Tonya’s open invitation to design something for Christmas it took me a long while to figure out what to make.

Not, because I don’t like Christmas. I love Christmas so much that sometimes it feels intimidating to try to fulfill someone’s dream of Christmas magic.

In the past years, I have gravitated more and more to the simplicity and clean lines of the Scandinavian aesthetic, and I went to my Pinterest boards for inspiration that is all I could see.

That is how the Freya kitchen towel crochet pattern was born. Out of need for a practical Christmas crochet design and the love of simplicity.

The neutral colors of grey and off white make an excellent board for the Christmas red to shine, don’t you think?

nordic kitchen towel free pattern

The Yarn

As for yarn, I wouldn’t choose anything other than cotton. Cotton yarn is excellent for working hard in the kitchen. From whipping down counters, to your hands, and simply as Christmas décor, cotton will do the job perfectly.

It’s so absorbent and can look fresh and clean after sticking it in the washing machine. No extra work for you.

I chose to work with a brand that’s easily accessible to me, but any worsted weight cotton yarn will do for this project.

I used the Drops Paris for this crochet dish towel in the colors off white (17), grey (23), and red (37), but you could easily substitute for We Crochet’s Dishie yarn or Lion Brand’s 24/7 cotton.

dish towel free crochet pattern

The Stitch

One of the things I love in crochet is its versatility. You can achieve so much with just one crochet hook in your hands and some yarn. It gives so much freedom to work on different loops or parts of any stitch and create something completely different if you are using only the basic crochet stitches.

The stitch I used for the Freya hand towel is called yarn over slip stitch (yo-sl st) and it’s one of my favorite ways to make crochet ribbing.

It’s basically a normal slip stitch with the addition of a yarn over before you insert the hook in the appropriate place.

The fact that it’s only worked in the back loop only of every stitch on all rows, creates this stunning knit-look effect.

Also, you won’t believe the drape that stitch creates. Such a bouncy result!

Although it’s super easy to learn and master, if you need a visual, I’ve got you covered. Just watch this YouTube video, below.

Changing colors in crochet

In order to get the most out of this crochet pattern you will have to change colors at the end of any row indicated.

The perfect way to achieve this is by grabbing the new yarn before you finish the last stitch of the row.

Instructions: When you reach the last stitch of a row that you need to change colors in the next, yarn over, insert your hook in the back loop of the last stitch, grab the new color, and finish that last stitch with the new color. Chain 1, turn, and work your row as you would normally do.

Leave a long tail in the old color and cut the yarn. You will weave your ends later on (or as soon as possible if you like).

If you would like to purchase the ad-free PDF for a small fee, the PDF is available on Etsy, Ravelry and Lovecrafts att the following links:


Kitchen crochet dish towel free crochet pattern

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Freya Kitchen Towel Crochet Pattern free pattern instructions


Worsted weight cotton yarn in 3 colors. Pictured here are off white, grey, and red.
US H/5.00 mm crochet hook
Yarn needle

Gauge: 16 sts x 12 rows is 4” in pattern

Yardage: Approximately 110 yds/100 m of color A (off white), 54 yds/50 m of color B (grey), and 23 yds/25 m of color C (red).


– All my patterns are written in standard US terms.


R: row
ch(s): chain(s)
yo-sl st: yarn over slip stitch
blo: back loop only

Free crochet dish towel pattern

With Color A.

R1: ch 75, yo-sl st in the second chain from the hook and in all chs across, ch 1, turn (74)
R2: yo-sl st in blo in each st across, ch 1, turn (74)

R3-4: repeat R2 

From this row on until the end of the project, you are going to repeat R2. I am just going to list the color changes for the next rounds, since the stitches don’t change at all.

R5-8: Color B
R9-10: Color A
R11-12: Color C
R13-24: Color A
R25-26: Color C
R27-28: Color A
R29-32: Color B
R33-36: Color A

Fasten off and weave in all your ends. You are done! Enjoy your new crochet dish towel.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful and easy crochet dish towel pattern Lou!  I hope you all love it as much as I do!

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crochet dish towel free pattern


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