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Cozy Fireside Cardigan Crochet Pattern

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This pattern came to be out of a desire to make a flattering and warm long sleeve cardigan using the block or modified granny stitch. I have used this stitch for both the Retro Duster Vest as well as the Boho Market bag.  In fact, the Retro Duster Vest was the very first pattern on my website!

Cozy Fireside Cardigan using Caron Big Cakes
Cozy Fireside Cardigan

I am a big fan of simple projects with as little sewing as I can get away with 😉 ! This pattern is constructed as one piece adding the front panels and sleeves directly to the cardigan without sewing.  In fact, the only sewing on this piece is a few inches of shoulder seam.  Yeah!

Cozy Fireside Cardigan
Cozy Fireside Cardigan very flattering rectangle shape

I used almost all of three Caron Big Cakes for this project and I was very pleased with how it turned out and how it feels on — very comfortable and cozy!  The front has a nice waterfall drape to it and the collar folds down naturally.  The back is very flattering in more of a rectangle shape which has a very nice silhouette and I believe it is a little less “boxy” than a traditional granny square would be.  I designed the front to drape open but you could find a cardigan or jacket pin to close the front which would give it a new look.  Check these out from Amazon:

Cozy Fireside Cardigan
Cozy Fireside Cardigan with a cardigan pin to close the front

The pattern is written for sizes M (US 8/10 bust size 38″ – 40″) and L (US 12/14 bust size 41″ – 43″) but there are detailed instructions to easily resize.

The pattern also includes instructions for both a fitted sleeve and a non-fitted sleeve.

Cozy Fireside Cardigan fitted sleeve
Cozy Fireside Cardigan fitted sleeve
Cozy Fireside Cardigan non-fitted sleeve

The only color controlling I did for my cardigans were on the sleeves.  I did the first sleeve of the cardigan and then made sure I had enough of those colors to finish the second sleeve.   If you plan on color controlling your sleeves I would suggest crocheting your first sleeve at the beginning of a new color before you crochet the second panel and plan your cake according to the first sleeve.  This will help eliminate the need to purchase another cake to have matching sleeves.

This is a paid pattern you can find here on Ravelry or on Craftsy here.  I will be offering a coupon code for 50% off of the pattern good for the first day only (coupon now expired).  Join my Facebook crochet group or like my Facebook page for pattern codes.  Thank you for supporting my work!

Cozy Fireside Cardigan Crochet Pattern Cozy Fireside Cardigan Crochet Pattern[/caption


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