Free Crochet Plant Hanger Patterns: Elevate Your Greenery!

May 27, 2023 | Crochet patterns, Pattern Roundups

These free crochet plant hanger patterns will add a touch of boho charm to your living space. Here is a curated collection of free crochet plant hanger patterns that will take your indoor gardening game to a new level!  A crochet pattern roundup curated by Nana’s Crafty Home.

Crochet Plant Hanger Patterns roundup by Nana's Crafty Home

Get ready to bring handmade charm and botanical beauty into your home with these creative and easy-to-follow free crochet patterns.  Crochet plant hangers are versatile and functional accessories for your living space. 

Plant hangers are a fantastic solution for optimizing space, especially in smaller living areas. By hanging plants from the ceiling or walls you will free up floor and table space.

Why Crochet Plant Hangers?

Crochet plant hangers add a decorative element to any room. They create an eye-catching display that will showcase your favorite plants yet add a touch of your own individual creativity to your decor. Whether you choose boho-inspired macramé hangers or minimalist designs, plant hangers can complement various aesthetics and become an integral part of your overall home decor theme.

Hanging your plants near windows will allow you to take advantage of sunlight. You can position your plants to receive the best light exposure which will ensure they grow and thrive.

Mix and match crochet plant hanger styles, textures, yarn types and colors to add visual interest to your decor.

Hanging your plants from a crochet plant hanger can also make them more accessible for maintenance and care. Easily reach your plants for watering, pruning, or other plant care tasks.

Crochet plant hangers are an excellent addition to your home decor, bringing nature’s beauty indoors!

Yarn types to use for Plant Hangers

What kind of yarn should I use for my crochet plant hangers?  So many different options available!  You can go the faux macrame route and use a cord just like you would for macrame projects.  I found a great 3mm cord option (super bulky) from Amazon* that is pretty soft and didn’t kill my hands while using it.  

I recently made a crochet plant hanger with Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn which is a bulky tubular cotton blend option.  This is one of my personal favorites and is available through both Joann’s as well as online at Yarnspirations.  Perfect for all kinds of home decor projects!

Cotton yarn is a good option for plant hangers as cotton is very durable.  Many cotton blend yarns would be great options as well. Acrylic yarn could be used for plant hangers but it won’t be quite as durable as cotton. 

Lion Brand’s For the Home cording yarn is a cotton/polyester blend. A great option for a macrame look to your finished plant hanger.

Recycled T-shirt yarn would be another fantastic option! I have been eyeing some Fox Yarn colors on Amazon that I would love to try out. However, if you have a bunch of t-shirts that need to be up cycled check out Heart Hook Home’s tutorial on how to make your own t-shirt yarn.

Do you have a favorite yarn that you use for your crochet plant hangers?  I am always on the hunt for the perfect yarns for different projects and I love hearing from my readers!

*This post contains affiliate links.  You can click on any yarn or material highlighted to purchase.  I will receive a small commission if you purchase but it won’t cost you any extra!  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Below you will find a few crochet plant hangers I designed as well as several amazing crochet plant hanger patterns by some of my crochet designer friends.  I am sure you will find one or two (or ten!) must make plant hangers to keep or gift! Just click on the link provided to find the free crochet plant hanger pattern.

Free Crochet Plant Hanger Patterns

Easy Boho Plant Hanger Design

The Easy Boho Plant Hanger by Blackstone Designs – This Easy Boho Plant Hanger is perfect for displaying plants in cute pots, plus it makes it easy to access the plants for watering and maintenance! You can remove the tray and use it as a plant hammock, too!

Macrochet mini planter by Day's Crochet

The Macrochet Mini Planter by Day’s Crochet – my goodness these little plant holders are stunning & the braided look is so unique! Looks like macrame but not – one of my favorite things! 

Plant Wall Hanger by First the Coffee

The Plant Wall Hanger Basket by First the Coffee – uses less than 50 yards of a #4 medium-weight yarn, which makes it a great stash-busting project. You can choose any color of yarn you like and make a basket that complements your home decor.

Small Plant Hanger by Nicole Chase

The Small Plant Hanger by Nicole Chase – this adorable plant hanger highlights how fun color can be in your project!

Sweet Stripes Hanging Basket by Green Fox Farms Designs

Sweet Stripes Hanging basket by Green Fox Farms Designs – another really versatile design that can showcase your plants or anything you would love to put in a hanging basket.

Crochet Plant Hanger by A Crocheted Simplicity

Crochet Plant Hanger by A Crocheted Simplicity – 3 different sizes provided for this fun bohemian style plant hanger!

Big Bohemian Plant Hanger by You Should Craft

The Big Bohemian Plant Hanger by You Should Craft – designed to fit large 8″ pots this mesh style hanging planter.

Hanging Herb Holder by American Crochet Association

Hanging Herb Holder by American Crochet Association – uses basic, beginner-friendly stitches for an easy and quick free pattern!

Eryn Plant Hanger by Through the Loop Yarn Craft

The Eryn Plant Hanger by The The Loop Yarn Craft – Love the ribbed texture on this hanging basket!

Plant Hanger by Left in Knots

Plant Hanger by Left in Knots – simple stitches make this basket quick and easy! 

Twisted Plant Pot Cover by Blue Star Crochet

Twisted Plant Pot Cover by Blue Star Crochet – twisting dc rows creates lovely texture and an interesting appearance in this boho plant hanger pattern.

Crochet Plant Hanger Basket by Heart Hook Home

The Plant Hanger by Heart Hook Home – pattern comes in two sizes and uses a unique lacy lattice stitch which is just lovely!  Pattern includes a video tutorial as well!

Faux Macrame Wall Hanging Planter by Whistle & Ivy

Faux Macrame Wall Hanging Plant Hanger by Whistle & Ivy – I don’t think a crochet plant hanger pattern list would be complete without a pattern by Whistle & Ivy! This cute wall hanging is another great air plant display option.

Pixie Planter by Day's Crochet

Pixie Planter by Day’s Crochet – a fantastic air plant display option – so much fun with the tassel!

Lucky Pineapple Basket by Moogly

Lucky Pineapple Hanging Planter by Moogly – so adorable!  The air plant really makes this pattern fun!

Trinity Boho Plant Hanger by Cosy Rosie UK

Trinity Boho Crochet Plant Hanger by Cosy Rosie UK – a lovely quickie project with mesh open sides.

Suzette Double Hanging Basket by Made by Goodie

Suzette Double Hanging Basket by Made by Gootie – this versatile crochet pattern can be used for displaying your plants or as a hanging basket for organization as well!

crochet plant hanger pattern

Never Ending Star Plant Hanger by Kristyn Crochets – fun and interesting design that begins with a star shape which makes this basket easily customizable to size!

Farmhouse Hanging Basket by Green Fox Farms Designs

Farmhouse Hanging Basket by Green Fox Farms Designs – a teardrop hanging basket would be a great way to display your plants or to get organized!

Hanging crochet plant holder free crochet pattern

Faux Macrame Crochet plant hanger by Nana’s Crafty Home – using cord this simple and easy crochet plant hanger looks like macrame!  Add wooden beads and a tassel for a touch of boho charm!

Air Plant Hanger free crochet pattern with fringe

Air Plant Wall Hanger by Nana’s Crafty Home – this wall hanger will display your air plants with rustic style.  Beginner-friendly and makes great quick gifts!

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Crochet Plant Hanger Patterns roundup by Nana's Crafty Home


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