Bubble Gum Pop Hat Free Crochet Hat Pattern

Jan 27, 2018 | Crochet patterns

I finally have the next installment of my free crochet Caron Cupcake* hat pattern available!  I gotta say I love this pattern — so much fun and so much texture with so little effort!

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After my Just Peachy Hat pattern I really wanted to design another pattern using the same principle as the modified dropped stitch.  However, I wanted a little more “pop” to the texture and this stitch combo was born!  What I loved about this hat pattern is that you get that little “pop” effect without making a bobble.

Bubble Gum Pop Hat Crochet Pattern

Bubble Gum Pop Hat

In my Just Peachy Hat the modified dropped double crochet stitch is placed in front of the chain and this time I enclosed the chain with single crochet.  The single crochet is tall enough to enclose the chains but it pushes the double crochets on either side out just the smallest bit creating the “pop” stitch.

I worked the yarn from each end of the cake to give it a little different look than just the self striping of the cake gives.  It is a fun and unique look.

Bubble Gum POP Hat pattern featuring Caron Cupcakes

Bubble Gum POP Hat Crochet Pattern

I have included a video tutorial below to explain the pop stitch if you have any questions and I also explain how to carry the yarn from one row to the next without weaving in ends every round.

The bottom ribbing of the hat is worked in the back loop only and I have included a video if you are unfamiliar with stitch placement for the back loop only.

This pattern is also available as an ad-free, printable PDF! You can purchase the individual pattern, or if you love PDFs, you might want to check out my Lifetime Membership. It’s an awesome deal! Never pay for one of my PDFs again!! (Or, scroll down for the free version!)

Purchase the ad-free pdf of this pattern for a small fee at HERE.  Thank you so much for supporting my work!

Bubble Gum Pop Hat Crochet pattern

Bubble Gum Pop Hat

My Amazon Picks:

1 Caron Cupcake Candy Buttons 3 oz / 244 yds

Crochet hook size G (4 mm)

Tapestry Needle



ch chain

sl st slip stitch

st stitch

dc double crochet

sk skip

sc single crochet

sp space

beg beginning

hdc half double crochet

blo back loop only

Gauge:  18 st = 4”

Circumference:  approximately 19”

Height of finished hat:  approximately 10”

Notes about pattern:  Pattern as written fits adult however can be resized by chaining in multiples of 4.

Pattern is worked using yarn from both ends of cupcake and carrying yarn from row to row without fastening off.

Chain 84, without twisting ch, sl st to 1st ch to form circle

Round 1:  Ch 3, dc in next ch, ch 2, sk next 2 ch, *dc in next 2 ch, ch 2, sk next 2 ch* repeat between * * to end, (switching to 2nd strand of yarn) sl st to top of ch 3. (21 groups of 2 dc + ch 2 spaces)

Round 2:  With 2nd strand of yarn, ch 2, sk next dc, *sc over ch 2 into skipped ch from previous round in next 2 chs, ch 2, sk next two dc* repeat between * * to end, sl st in ch 2 sp from beginning of round. (do not change yarn strands)

Round 3:  ch 1, 2 sc in same ch 2 sp, sc in next 2 st, *2 sc in next ch 2 sp, sc in next 2 st* repeat between * * to end, (switching to 1st strand of yarn) sl st to 1st st. (84)

Round 4: ch 3, dc in next st, ch 2, sk next 2 st, *dc in next 2 st, ch 2, sk next 2 st* repeat between * * to end, (switching to 2nd strand of yarn) sl st to top of ch 3.

Round 5 – 42 repeat rounds 2 – 4 ending on round 3.

Fasten off leaving long tail for weaving top of hat together.  Once top of hat is closed, sew on pom pom.

Round 1:  Attach yarn to an unused loop of beg ch, ch 2, hdc in each unused loop around, sl st to top of ch 2.

Round 2 – 4 Working in blo: ch 2, hdc in each st around, sl st to top of ch 2.

Round 4 ch 1, Working in blo: sc in same st and in each st around, sl st to top of 1st st.

Fasten off.

Weave in ends.

Bubble Gum Pop Hat Pattern Caron Cupcakes

Bubble Gum Pop Hat


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