Nesting V-Stitch Crochet Stitch Tutorial (ad-free PDF)


  1. Complete written pattern instructions + link to video tutorial + complete stitch diagram!
  2. A simple variation of the V-stitch creates beautifully textured and unique fabric!
  3. Simple and easy to follow instructions.
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Learn how to crochet the Nesting V-StitchCrochet Stitch with this pattern.

The Nesting V-Stitch crochet stitch is a variation of the much beloved V-stitch. The V-stitch is a (dc, ch 1, dc) all worked in the same stitch or space and for this pattern we are working our V-stitch into the row 2 rows below.  This creates a beautifully textured and unique fabric!  Really fabulous worked with different colors every row!  If you work with 3 colors changing color every row you can drop and pull yarn colors back into your work with no additional ends to weave in!

Pattern PDF includes complete written patterns instructions + link to complete video tutorial + complete stitch diagram.

Link to free tutorial


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