Diamond Tessera Scarf and Nesting V-Stitch Crochet Stitch Tutorial (ad-free PDF)


  1. Complete written pattern instructions + link to video tutorial + complete stitch diagram!
  2. A simple variation of the V-stitch creates beautifully textured and unique fabric!
  3. Simple and easy to follow instructions.
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The Diamond Tessera Scarf features a beautiful textured V-stitch variation and a fun knotted fringe edge.  The main body of the scarf is worked in three colors, changing colors each row, dropping and pulling in yarn to eliminate additional ends to weave in.

Includes links to the complete photo and video tutorial for both the Knotted fringe + Nesting V-Stitch.

Approximately finished size of scarf: 8″ wide x 64 1/2″ long

Learn how to crochet the Nesting V-StitchCrochet Stitch with this pattern.

The Nesting V-Stitch crochet stitch is a variation of the much beloved V-stitch. The V-stitch is a (dc, ch 1, dc) all worked in the same stitch or space and for this pattern we are working our V-stitch into the row 2 rows below.  This creates a beautifully textured and unique fabric!  Really fabulous worked with different colors every row!  If you work with 3 colors changing color every row you can drop and pull yarn colors back into your work with no additional ends to weave in!

Pattern PDF includes complete written patterns instructions + link to complete video tutorial + complete stitch diagram.

Link to free tutorial


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