Comfy Kimono Blanket Crochet Cardigan Video Tutorial Adult and Youth Sizes

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Here is the complete video tutorial for the Comfy Kimono Blanket Cardigan pattern that you can find free here!  This pattern is a lot of fun and I have had several requests to do a tutorial for a full visual experience.  If you enjoy my video tutorials please remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

The video gives instructions for both a youth and adult size.  The original pattern as written is for a one-size fits most adult.  In the video I give instructions for both a youth and the adult size as the youth size was a little easier to work with under a camera.

Made with Lion Brand Jeans yarn it is super cozy and a fun, easy pattern for even a beginning crocheter!

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Comfy Kimono Blanket Cardigan post with free pattern

Lion Brand Jeans yarn — they have some new colors to choose from, too!

Clover Size I (5.5 mm) crochet hook

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Comfy Kimono Blanket Cardigan Free Crochet Pattern
Comfy Kimono Blanket Cardigan
Comfy Kimono Blanket Cardigan Video Tutorial a free crochet pattern!
Comfy Kimono Blanket Cardigan Video Tutorial for a free crochet pattern!